Thursday, June 6, 2013

May in summary

As they say, May is the new December--busy.

So what were we up to?

Well, this is how we welcomed May:
Yup, spring blossoms and snow all at once.

But most of the month was beautiful spring weather, and we spent a lot of time outside.  First up, the twins learned to ride a two wheeler.

Their cousin Rachel brought her bike over to Grandma and Grandpa's house to show how she could ride without her training wheels, and both boys just hopped on and took off. We came home and took off their training wheels and they haven't looked back since.  (I only got a good picture of Brady that night, but they both were taking turns.)

We had an awesome Mother's Day celebration at our house.  In an effort to not feel disappointed, I decided a few years ago to make Mother's Day all about my own mother.

I honestly have one of the greatest moms in the world, and it is such a pleasure to honor her.

The twins had a "graduation" from preschool.  They should have called it the end of the year program because the twins are going back to the same preschool next year.

Horrible lighting!  It was such a cute program--all about going to the zoo, and each class had an animal costume.  A few days before, Carter told me he didn't want to put on his elephant costume and didn't want to go on stage.  He said he didn't want people looking at him.  We managed to get him up on the stage, but no costume.  That's him in the corner, with Dad behind him and his teacher right next to him.  Brady was only a little better, that's his elephant ears next to his teacher.

We spent time together as a family on Memorial Day as well.

We visited my grandparent's grave, and then went back to my parent's house for snow cones (which Jackson kept stealing from Grandpa) and then a barbecue.

We also spent a lot of time in the backyard:

One thing I love about our neighborhood--see all those boys in my back yard?  Tons of little boys to play with all the time.

Jackson thought he would climb on everything.  (But he did finally become a walker at 17 months!)

And we finished off the month with a visit to the doctor's office:
4 little boys + sticks as swords = 2 stitches