Thursday, July 31, 2008

On Vacation

This long break from blogging was mainly due to our vacation. Tyler and I have been gone since July 15. I will tell you all about that when we get home. Yes, we are still in Utah, but not by choice. You see, I thought we were flying home July 31. When we arrived at the airport this afternoon, and no one could find our reservation, they finally looked up my name.

"Ma'am, your flight was yesterday."

How did we miss that? I thought it was the 31st, would have bet some money on it, but apparently I was wrong. The soonest they could get us home was tomorrow morning. And we had to pay to change our tickets!! So we are spending one more night at grandma's.

The moral of the story: double check the time AND date of all air trips.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Home Alone

We had a great fourth of July weekend. Dan's sister Jenny and family came to town, our BBQ was delicious, and as always, Tyler loves his cousins. Well, it came time for them to leave and Jenny announced that to her kids. Poor Tyler started to cry. (Well a pretty good fake cry anyway.)

"Oh Tyler, do you want to come home with us," she asked?

He stopped crying and big smile came over his face.

She came in to tell me all about the fake tears and we had a little laugh over him. Well, not five minutes later, he came downstairs with his suitcase, packed with pj's, clothes for the next day, and even a toothbrush.

"I'm ready to go," he said.

I pulled him aside and told him that Aunt Jenny was just kidding. And besides, I would miss him too much.

"That's okay mom, you can come visit me."

And by now the cousins were in on it. Allie, who is 10, took him into the next room and helped him write us a note.
I mean, how could we resist that? So Tyler went to Austin last night. He's coming back today with grandma and grandpa who are heading our way to help Dan's brother move in. And I have had the morning to myself. I exercised, finished my book, ate breakfast, and now I really need to get a move on my housecleaning. That brother that is moving to town? They are staying here and will be here this afternoon.