Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Day of Firsts

We made our FIRST trip to an ENT and found out Carter has fabulous hearing.

The babies got haircuts, which means Carter had his FIRST haircut. We finally cleaned up that baby fuzz.

While at their hair appointment, they had another first. Miss Jen gave them their FIRST lollipop. Boy did they love that.

And finally, I had a first. I had to clean up my FIRST poopy bath thanks to one of those twins. And now you're glad I am not able to do pictures, aren't you?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Random Stuff

So I haven't been blogging much. I blame it on two things: first, life has been pretty non-exciting lately, and second my laptop is in the hospital. I mentioned it was having issues, and my kind brother-in-law agreed to fix it. I left it with him in Austin over Labor Day, and will get it back the first part of October.

So here I am, posting, from the iPad (yay for two finger typing--forgive the typos), some random thoughts and stuff.

1. The babies are really walking now. It hasn't been any worse than crawling. I am waiting for the running/climbing/opening door stage. That will be fun.

2. Carter was evaluated by ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) and qualifies for their services. He has always been a few weeks behind Brady, but when it comes to communication he is really lagging. He still doesn't make consanant sounds, which puts him at about 6 months. We start speech therapy next week.

3. We've been looking at Halloween costumes here, still deciding. However, the other day we threw out the idea of Batman and Robin for the twins. "you know who would be Batman, right?" I asked. Dan and Tyler answered in unison, "Brady."

4. I had to stifle a very inappropriate laugh while I was reading a little book to Brady and Carter. Page 3 of The Playful Puppy reads, "Don't play with your bone like that," said Sparky's dad. "You might hurt someone."

5. Over the weekend I saw in my driveway a snake (about 12 inches long), a 3 inch slug, and a spider the sizes of Tyler's fist.

6. But the weekend wasn't all horrible; I did get a lovely new haircut.

7. I have been sewing up a storm lately, well lots of curtain panels. I did some in my dining room (which I need to show off, I really like them) and have been working on some for my sister in law. I am no seamstress, but I can whip out a panel. Maybe I should go into business.

Well, that's my life lately. I wish I had some pictures, but it is all I can do to type. We'll work on it. Man do you know how many apostrophes I use, and it's not on the main board; I have to shift to the second keyboard every time I use one. I sure must love you all.