Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Day of Firsts

We made our FIRST trip to an ENT and found out Carter has fabulous hearing.

The babies got haircuts, which means Carter had his FIRST haircut. We finally cleaned up that baby fuzz.

While at their hair appointment, they had another first. Miss Jen gave them their FIRST lollipop. Boy did they love that.

And finally, I had a first. I had to clean up my FIRST poopy bath thanks to one of those twins. And now you're glad I am not able to do pictures, aren't you?


Angela said...

I'm pretty sure the first poopy bath we dealt with happened when my sister was tending our kids. We lucked out!!!

LRM said...

Got any new pix?

michelle said...

Finally they had their first lollipop!! Thanks again for my curtains!! I LOVE THEM!!! I'm going to take some pictures and put them on my blog!!