Monday, September 29, 2008

Routine is good

I think we are finally back to normal here. We got power last Thursday, so I had a couple of days to get my house cleaned. And of course, it is already dirty, so see, I am now back to my routine cleaning and laundry.

Tyler finally went back to preschool today. He goes MWF; he went four times, and then missed 7 because of the hurricane and no power at his school.

Our fridge finally has basics in it again like butter and eggs.

Tyler had his first soccer practice last Saturday. We'll see how he does in his first game this weekend.

I got my hair cut last Saturday. You do not understand how happy this made me.

See, things are going well. I really had a hard time with the lack of order in my life the last couple weeks. While I don't always look it, I am actually pretty organized. I do not do well with sponteneity; I like to have a plan. I found this website and liked the idea behind it. I have created a weekly to-do list in the past, but I loved how this had daily chores too. So I created a chart inspired by theirs, but tweaked to fit my needs.

I love having my weekly list hanging on my fridge and I LOVE checking off things as I do them. I like routine. I am so glad to back to routine. I am such a nerd

Friday, September 26, 2008

11 days

I am just glad that we are not some of the people I know who still do not have power. And although we had somewhere else to go with AC, it was still stressful. I can only image what others are going through.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Our sad city

"Houston used to be such a happy city, but now it is so, so sad since the hurricane."

I think Tyler knows something here.

We are fine. We decided rather last minute to go to Austin, and headed to Dan's parents early Friday morning before the storm hit. We had no damage to our house. Our landscaping looks a bit disheveled, and the tramp didn't overturn, but did slide about 10 feet across the lawn. I have pics, but no way to post them. We are still without power. We heard from neighbors that the power went out Friday night, and now almost 6 days later, we still have no power. Most of our neighborhood does, so we are hoping it will be back soon. We came back from Austin on Sunday night and have been staying with Dan's brother across town. They were only without power for 22 hours.

We have definitely been inconvenienced, but that is really all. We lost a fridge full of food, and aren't sleeping in our own house, but we are safe, and lost nothing. As we have read the paper and seen on tv and driven to a few places, we are counting our blessings. Because while we are being inconvenienced, others have lost everything. Everything.

I'll post some pics of the very minor damage by our house when we get home and get power, but for now, please keep Houston in your prayers. Much of our city is so, so sad right now.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Calling all readers

I know there are a handful of people who read this from my ward, or at least nearby. I have a question for you.

Would you be interested in forming a book club?

Once upon a time there was going to be a book club for enrichment, but it looks like that isn't going to happen, so I would love to start something on my own. If I get a few responses here, then I will look into getting something organized and going. So, if you would be interested, leave a comment.

Speaking of books, if you hadn't noticed, I created a list of books I've read on my sidebar. I'm always looking for stuff to read, and figured other people might be too. Now, if I listed it, it doesn't mean I loved it, but it does mean I feel it wasn't a waste of time to read it. The books that were a waste of time don't make the list. Happy reading!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

To infinity and beyond

This is just a small sample of the evidence. Tyler has officially discovered his first obsession. It all started with The Planet Heroes. He discovered them last fall, and over the course of a year we have collected them all. Next, I suggested we check out a book from the library about space. 6 months later, we may have checked out everything about space at his comprehension level. We have collected toys from museums, as has grandma, not to mention grandpa's telescope and the link he provided to images from the Hubble Space Telescope. Tyler has clipped newspaper articles (he was quite interested when I showed him the Mars Rover in the paper) and even watched hour long programs on different planets on the National Geographic channel. Like I said, the boy is obsessed.

I think it's adorable. He is learning so much, and it is hilarious to hear him spout facts about planets and correct his mom when she calls Pluto a planet. I think it shows dedication, desire for learning, and is teaching him how to find out information. Not to mention how much I am learning too. Dan think it makes him a nerd. Phooey on you dad, we like learning about space.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

At least smile. . .

like you're excited for your first day of school.