Thursday, September 18, 2008

Our sad city

"Houston used to be such a happy city, but now it is so, so sad since the hurricane."

I think Tyler knows something here.

We are fine. We decided rather last minute to go to Austin, and headed to Dan's parents early Friday morning before the storm hit. We had no damage to our house. Our landscaping looks a bit disheveled, and the tramp didn't overturn, but did slide about 10 feet across the lawn. I have pics, but no way to post them. We are still without power. We heard from neighbors that the power went out Friday night, and now almost 6 days later, we still have no power. Most of our neighborhood does, so we are hoping it will be back soon. We came back from Austin on Sunday night and have been staying with Dan's brother across town. They were only without power for 22 hours.

We have definitely been inconvenienced, but that is really all. We lost a fridge full of food, and aren't sleeping in our own house, but we are safe, and lost nothing. As we have read the paper and seen on tv and driven to a few places, we are counting our blessings. Because while we are being inconvenienced, others have lost everything. Everything.

I'll post some pics of the very minor damage by our house when we get home and get power, but for now, please keep Houston in your prayers. Much of our city is so, so sad right now.


jennmom2000 said...

I tried to call you to see if you were safe, but there was no answer. i think you had already lost power. i was thinking about you and praying. i'm glad to know you are all ok.

Tresa Fowler said...

Angela, I ran into Rebecca at Old Navy yesterday and she gave me your blog address. I'm so glad I found you. It's been great to catch with your cute family. I'm relieved to read that you survived the storms with minor damage. Hope cleaning up isn't too bad. Keep in touch!

amanda said...

good to know that you are ok over there. Jeremy has been sick so we didn't get to church-we're here if you need a change of scenery until the power comes back.