Saturday, March 30, 2013

It's Spring

I am so glad it is finally feeling like spring.  I had a really hard time this winter--let's just say I think I had a case of SAD.  Now that it's warming up, we love to go outside.  The twins want to go out all the time, and Jackson and I will go sit on a blanket or the trampoline or walk around in his stroller.

One afternoon, the kids had such a blast together.  I love when they actually all play together.  So enjoy this picture overload.

And did you notice Brady is driving in every single picture?  Yeah, that is so his personality.

Friday, March 29, 2013

February recap

Now that March is almost over, I'd better do a quick review of February.

Jump On It

We spent a Saturday afternoon here and all the kids loved it.  Tyler keeps asking to go back, but I haven't figured out how to watch all 4 kids by myself, so we have to wait for Dad to come back with us.

Valentine's Day

We decorated, made Valentines, made what I think is a really cool iphone valentine box, and the kids woke up to some chocolates and a stuffed animal each.  Dan travels a lot, and knowing he was going to be gone on the 14th, I gave him 10 really cheesy gifts (you know, like a package of mints with the saying, "we are mint to be together") for the days leading up to the 14th.  He brought me home flowers.

Carter's Haircut

Carter decided to take a set of clippers to his hair, and here is the result.  He did it right before bed, and had to go to school the next morning before we could make it to the barber.  I had him wear a hat to school, and when he got to school he immediately took it off to show his teacher.  "I'm missing some hair," he told her.  "Like my dad."

Belt Promotion

Tyler has been doing great with karate, and it certainly is a time commitment for all of us.  In February he received his brown belt.  We are so proud of him!

Cute Jackson

Since doing project life, I've tried to pull my camera out for everyday stuff, which results in lots of cute pictures of our Jackers.  Including his first time eating spaghetti.  He loved it!

Almost Spring

We finally had some days that were warm enough to go outside to play.  While 40's isn't too warm, it sure beats the weather we had been having, including a 5 week stretch last winter when the temperature never did get above freezing. 

Playing Twins
Again, with pulling out my camera more, I get more of these types of pictures.  Sometimes, I will just think, what pretty light and snap away.  Other times, I ask the twins for a pose and get this face over and over again.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I'm back

What's up with the blogging break?

Well, it goes back to why I started blogging.  Over five years ago, I decided to start this blog mainly as a way for my mom to keep up with us.  We lived almost 1500 miles apart and saw each other 2-3 times a year.  I missed her, and I know she missed spending time with her grandson.  Over time, I came to view to view my blog as my own journal or scrapbook.  I used to be much better at memory keeping, and then we had twins.  No seriously I have scrapbooked one page since they were born.  I am so grateful I was blogging when they were babies because I have so many details and photos saved of them from that time.

Well now, five years later, we live 3 miles down the road from my mom.  I don't know if she ever even checks here any more.  And while I was still using it to document our lives, that suddenly started feeling redundant.  See:

At the first of the year I started a Project Life album, and there is one random week of my memory keeping this year.  (If you haven't heard of it, read about it here.)  I found a way to stay up to date with it, and every week I slip in my photos from the previous week.  I feel like I am documenting my everyday life and I love it.  But it has taken away the need I felt to document our lives here.

But then someone (Hi Michelle!) finally asked me why I hadn't updated my blog all year, and I realized that just maybe we have some friends and family who are interested in what we're up to; therefore, I will try my best to document our highlights. 

I'll end with this:

One big event this month was Dan's 40th birthday.  I told him I distinctly remember when my dad turned 40 and we really are getting old.

We started off the birthday weekend by going up to Salt Lake for dinner.  My wonderful parents took on overnight babysitting duties and we enjoyed a fine evening on our own.

I woke up Saturday morning at the hotel feeling under the weather.  I think it was a migraine with symptoms that were unusual for me and worse than I'd ever felt.  Poor Dan.  We drove home early, and I spent the day in bed.  I had invited a few people over for cake and ice cream that night, and that was fun to see everyone.  I just hosted from a sitting position all night.  And Sunday we had a dinner filled with some of Dan's favorites.

When I asked the twins how many Dad was turning, Brady answered with, "Dad is turning old."  Ha! We've got a ways to go before we're really old.  I love you Dan! Happy Birthday!