Friday, March 29, 2013

February recap

Now that March is almost over, I'd better do a quick review of February.

Jump On It

We spent a Saturday afternoon here and all the kids loved it.  Tyler keeps asking to go back, but I haven't figured out how to watch all 4 kids by myself, so we have to wait for Dad to come back with us.

Valentine's Day

We decorated, made Valentines, made what I think is a really cool iphone valentine box, and the kids woke up to some chocolates and a stuffed animal each.  Dan travels a lot, and knowing he was going to be gone on the 14th, I gave him 10 really cheesy gifts (you know, like a package of mints with the saying, "we are mint to be together") for the days leading up to the 14th.  He brought me home flowers.

Carter's Haircut

Carter decided to take a set of clippers to his hair, and here is the result.  He did it right before bed, and had to go to school the next morning before we could make it to the barber.  I had him wear a hat to school, and when he got to school he immediately took it off to show his teacher.  "I'm missing some hair," he told her.  "Like my dad."

Belt Promotion

Tyler has been doing great with karate, and it certainly is a time commitment for all of us.  In February he received his brown belt.  We are so proud of him!

Cute Jackson

Since doing project life, I've tried to pull my camera out for everyday stuff, which results in lots of cute pictures of our Jackers.  Including his first time eating spaghetti.  He loved it!

Almost Spring

We finally had some days that were warm enough to go outside to play.  While 40's isn't too warm, it sure beats the weather we had been having, including a 5 week stretch last winter when the temperature never did get above freezing. 

Playing Twins
Again, with pulling out my camera more, I get more of these types of pictures.  Sometimes, I will just think, what pretty light and snap away.  Other times, I ask the twins for a pose and get this face over and over again.

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Shelly Cunningham said...

Oh Jackson is so yummy! And the twins are so handsome!