Tuesday, September 6, 2011

23 weeks

Size of baby: About a pound, or the size of a large mango.

Total Weight Gain: About 15 pounds.

Maternity Clothes: Got a few things for the colder weather this past weekend.  Can I just say I love Gap Maternity Jeans?  They are long enough, and I was able to get two pairs since I snagged them during their half off sale.

Gender: Boy. No name.  I hope we think of one before he comes.

Movement: Just felt and saw a big roll.  He's really active right at bedtime.

Sleep: Depends on the night.  It's starting to get more uncomfortable.

What I miss: I miss going to the gym and getting a good night's rest.

Cravings: Nothing specific lately, but I sure am eating a lot.  It's rare that I eat a meal and feel completely satisfied.  I just keep wanting more.

Symptoms: Braxton-Hicks contractions.  I have been having 3-5 a day for the last week.  It's not common to have them this early, but not unheard of either.

Best moment this week:  If you ask Brady what's in mommy's tummy, he'll say "baby."  Poor boy has no idea what is going to happen to him.

I was able to get in to my OB here in Utah.  It's the same practice where I went with Tyler, so at least I had a bit of familiarity going there.  At that appointment I was measuring perfectly.  It was weird to not get an ultrasound, since I have had one at every other appointment because of the hematoma.  I had 10 appointments, all with ultrasounds, before I hit 20 weeks.  I found out I will be delivering at the same hospital as Tyler, and their policy is still to schedule c-sections at 39 weeks which is Tyler's birthday.  And one other coincidence--I moved from Texas to Utah both times I was pregnant. 

I also figured it had been quite awhile since I snapped a belly picture, so I asked my dad to do it for me on Sunday after church. 

First try:
 Ack!  That's not a belly shot, that's a butt shot.  Guess my nonstop eating is catching up to me.  Here, let's move where there are less distractions, and maybe if I put my arm here to hide my butt...
 Hmm, not much better, and does my face look fat too?  Let's try again.  Perhaps this time if I turn a little, so it's less of a profile...
I give up.  I can't pretend I am one of those ladies who only gets a little ball in the front while everything else stays tiny.  Let's face it, I am pregnant everywhere.

Friday, September 2, 2011

First day of school

I sure hope the truancy police don't show up at my door.

Tyler finally made it to his first day of second grade today.  He only missed 8 days of school.  We wanted to get a house under contract quickly, and tried several times, but discovered that when buying a short sale, banks just don't have the same sense of urgency we do.  So we finally got the unofficial word from the bank, and went ahead and enrolled him.  We hope to have the official closing date by next week, and of course I will post more later.

Here is my sweet boy.  He was a little nervous about being the new kid.  We went in this morning and met his teacher (who looks about 12!  I must be getting old) and brought her an apple.  (Of course covered in caramel and chocolate.)  He seemed good when I left, and I will find out in just a few hours how his first day went.