Sunday, October 23, 2011

Our new house

We finally have a house here in Utah!

Now, I've mentioned just how difficult this purchase was.   It was a short sale, and so we were dealing with a seller, a bank, and the most picky lender ever.  In our 12 years of marriage, this is the 7th house we have bought.  I know, we are abnormal.  We have bought more houses together than cars, which is only 5.  Anyway, this was the most difficult of all our home purchases.  We submitted our offer back at the end of August, and we got the keys yesterday.  We were supposed to close last Monday, but the lender needed additional documentation.  They had written confirmation of Dan's employment, but needed verbal confirmation as well.  That pushed us back 2 days, so were able to go sign documents on Wednesday.  But, Dan was out of town, which meant that we had to get a power of attornery so I could sign for him.   So instead of just signing my name, I was signing my name on my spot, and then signing Dan S. by Angela S. as attorney in fact.  Every freaking time!

Wait, it's not over.  Then at closing the title company realizes there is an error in the amount of money I am supposed to have.  So I go back the next morning with additional funds, and to sign something for the seller's title company.  I think I am done, but no.  I get a call that afternoon--the documents have been prepared wrong.  I had to go back and sign every paper again, with that long power of attorney thing.  Finally, all the signing is done.  Now, at every other closing I have done, we got our keys at closing, but not here.  We have to wait for it to first fund, and then record with the county, and then we get keys.

So finally, we have a house.  Now we were able to get permission from the seller to start our projects early, so on Thursday and Friday we had workers there laying out our new wood floor.  It is going to be awesome.  The only other things we are doing before we move in is paint and clean carpets.  We are also starting the landscaping this week, which is going to make a world of difference on the curb appeal.  I am excited to show some before and after pictures of it all.  Our stuff should be getting here around the first of November.  I am so ready to be in our new house.

Here are a few pictures of the inside.  This is the front room when you first walk in.  We will be using it as Dan's office, although I really want it for a piano room.

The entryway, facing the front door.

The kitchen and family room are one big open room.  First the kitchen end, then the family room end.

I am in love with the laundry room.

Tyler standing in his bedroom.  The other two kid rooms are quite similar.

 The master bedroom and bath.

I am looking forward to moving in our stuff and decorating.  I plan on posting pictures as rooms get finished. Finally, home sweet home.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


We have had the most beautiful fall here in Utah.  I'd like to think we brought some of our Texas warmth up with us, because it has been just a wonderful Indian Summer in September and October.  Of course we had those 3 days or so of cold and even snow flurries, but otherwise it has been just perfect.

We are just getting our taste of fallen leaves here in the valley.  Tyler and his cousin Abby wanted to start raking leaves and play in them, and of course then the twins wanted to play along.  Talk about an afternoon of fun!

I am loving fall.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The vultures

Just a little photographic proof that a) my boys are vultures when it comes to someone else's food and b) they absolutely adore their grandpa.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Barnyard Boo

My mom has a grandparents pass to Thanksgiving Point, which means we go there often.  While it was our first time to Barnyard Boo, I'm sure it won't be our last.  My kids had so much fun.

First up, face painting.  Tyler wanted an eye so he could be a three-eyed monster, while my sweet niece Rachel opted for the adorable kitty on her check.

Next was the pony ride: Kade (my nephew), me and Carter, Rachel, and Tyler.  Brady showed no interest and stayed behind with grandma.

They had fun games for all the kids to play.

In the little jail and on the wagon ride.  It was so cute to watch Kade.  He is 4, and just became Tyler's little shadow for the afternoon.  Tyler got an eye, then Kade wanted one too.  Tyler was going to go in the jail, well then by golly so was Kade.  And of course, Kade had to sit by Tyler on the wagon ride.  Adorable.

I think this one sums up just how much fun we had.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thoughts on adoption

I found my boys like this one morning--sitting side by side, each playing a stolen DS, with a blanket pulled up on their legs.  Boy, I love them.

I don't get to watch too much television nowadays, but at night Dan and I usually have one or two shows that we like to watch together.  Last night I was watching one of those shows, and something about it just kept rubbing me the wrong way.

A large part of the storyline dealt with adoption, specifically a girl who had tried to contact her birthparents.  The thing that was bugging me, was that they kept using the phrase "gave her up for adoption."  I hate that phrase.  I am here to let you all know, that the more correct phrase to use is "placed the baby for adoption."

Think about what is implied in the phrase "giving up for adoption.  It implies abandonment.  It implies that a birthparent doesn't care about this child.  Most of the birthparents I know or know about, nothing could be further from the truth.  For example, our birthparents.  They were together, in fact already raising rwo children together, and when they found out she was pregnant, did not feel they could provide for another baby, let alone two.  They then made a very careful and conscientious decision to do what was best for the children, and opted to place them for adoption.  There was no abandonment, no selfishness, just making a choice to do what they felt was best for these babies.

The other thing that bothered me about the show was the lack of respect given to the birthfather.  In the story he was a grown man with a family who had placed the baby when he was 17.  He had loved her, but didn't feel he could care for her.  Other characters belittled him for the decision he made, and the fact that he wasn't ready to meet his biological daughter many years later.

I guess what was bugging me so much, was that I feel it is so important to respect the choices that birthparents make.  We have a semi-open adoption,  We send pictures and letters twice a year.  In every letter I let our birthmom know that we would love to hear back from her, but she has never sent anything back.  That's okay.  I respect that.  I don't know her well enough to know what she needs, but whatever it is, I will respect her decision.  If my boys want to find her one day and have a relationship, I will support that, but at the same time respect her wishes as well.

Finally, I am so bugged that every time I type birthparent it's telling me I have a typo.  I have only had one or two people use the term "real parent" to me, thank goodness.  I think most people know that isn't the correct term.  I am the real mom to my boys, but we do owe a humongous thank you to two very special people, the birthparents, and their decision to place these precious boys with us.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Picture Dump

Since I haven't blogged in forever, I have some pictures I finally took off my camera.  Enjoy this  post of complete hodge podge.

I found these pictures from our going away party.  My friend Kelsey was kind enough to host an open house, where I never felt so loved.  We probably had 150 or so people stop by to wish us well.  We miss you all lots!

This is a good example of what I do each day--clean up after munchkins.  This time it was Reese's Puffs cereal.  It wasn't the only time I have cleaned up cereal.  I have probably swept up five or so boxes of cereal over our time here.

This is how we have spent every afternoon here--outside.  The boys love it outside, especially playing ball.  They also rode bikes, found rocks and sticks, and tried at every chance to run away.

Speaking of escaping, they figured out how to break into the garage, and one time I found them giving each other rides.  Hey, they were taking turns and cooperating.

One of my favorite Instagram photos.  I love this!

And Carter just making me laugh.

Finally, Tyler was the star student for the month of December.  Way to go Tyler!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

28 weeks

Size of baby: Over 2 pounds.  The twins were 32 weekers, and weighed 4 pounds.  I think it's amazing that in the next 4-5 weeks the baby will double in size, and the next 4-5 weeks after that will double again.

Total Weight Gain: At my doctor's appointment 2 weeks ago, I was already at 21 pounds.  I am supposed to gain between 25 and 35, so it looks like I will be at the high end of that.  Those darn McDonald's cheeseburgers!  However, I am measuring right on with the doctor.

Maternity Clothes: Ordered some colder weather stuff online, and I think I am done shopping.  I don't have a lot, but certainly enough to get me through the next 3 months.

Gender: Boy. Still no name.  Dan and I each have several names we like, but nothing we absolutely love.  And our lists are not overlapping at all.

Movement: Still the best part of being pregnant.

Sleep: Not horrible, but I do miss sleeping on my belly.

What I miss: My wedding ring.  I couldn't take it off today, so I had to grease it up and take it off.  My fingers are only going to get bigger.

Cravings: Nothing specific.  In fact, I don't find myself starving like I have been in the past.

Symptoms: I must be in the third trimester.  I've had Braxton-Hicks, back pain, and heartburn.  Yay!

Best moment this week:  Realizing I can rest my arms on the top of my belly.

Other pregnancy news:  I get to go do my glucose screening and get a rhogam shot next week.  Lucky me.  I also finally did some preparations for this boy--I bought a coming home from the hospital outfit for him.  He doesn't need much, but I definitely wanted to get him his own special homecoming outfit.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

2 months

Nothing to do with this post, but it makes me smile.
Two months ago we arrived from Houston to Utah.  I can remember the date quite easily, since we pulled in on my 35th birthday.  What a fun way to celebrate.  It has been a long two months.

I first have to say that my parents have been awesome.  They have welcomed us completely, not once making us feel like a burden, which I'm sure in many ways we are.  My mom cooks dinner for us every night.  (I offered to do half the cooking, but when she saw what my boys are like between 4 and 6, she just asked for grocery money instead.)  My twins are in LOVE with grandma and grandpa--quite often preferring one of them to their own parents.  The twins, especially Carter, love to sit on grandma or grandpa's lap when eating and share dinner with them.  Adorable and annoying all at the same time.  Grandpa makes us pancakes and waffles for breakfast.  I could keep going, but I will just say that they are patient and kind and amazing to us.

But life has been hard.  The few times in my life I have struggled with depression have centered around times when I was facing an unknown and/or loss of control.  I remember when I graduated from college, not knowing what I was going to do or how to do it, was a hard time.  And on a much smaller scale, a few years ago when we had no power after Hurricane Ike, I found myself going into the same funk--I didn't know how long my life was going to be uprooted, and I had no control over solving my problem.

So when we got to Utah two months ago, I suddenly found myself falling into that same funk.  I didn't know where we were going to be and it killed me.  Then on top of that, I was so angry at Dan.  I kept telling myself that our family could be happy anywhere, but I was bitter.  I had not wanted to move, and I resented the fact that we did for his job.  We started in on the house hunt, but it was so frustrating.  I wanted to move quickly so we could enroll Tyler in school, but things were just not working out.  We actually put offers in on 5 different houses over the course of the hunt.  And on top of it all, I can blame some of my emotional state on pregnancy hormones.

Then there is the fact that we have been in temporary housing.  It is hard to not be in your own space, especially with my boys who can be crazy.  I spend each day chasing after/entertaining/cleaning up from those crazies.  I can sum it up like this:  They've put my mom's throw pillows in the toilet, and my dad has had to take apart his playstation 3 times to remove objects they stuck inside.  (Yes, we finally moved it.) I don't feel like I have much free time, because I have been trying to watch over them more carefully than I might have to in my own home.  And yet they still do all this crazy stuff.

And I guess all that is why I haven't felt like blogging.  I have been in a funk.  And when I get this way, I don't feel like taking pictures, acting cheery, or even putting my thoughts down.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  We finally know where we are going to be, and when.  Of those 5 offers I mentioned, one has solidified.  Dealing with a short sale has taken forever, but it is done.  We are closing on October 17th.  Then we wanted a week to change some flooring and do some painting, so we are aiming to schedule the movers to get our stuff here at the end of the month.  We went back inside the house yesterday, and I still really like it.  It feels right for us.  It is a one story with a bonus room over the garage.  There are four bedrooms, and an awesome kitchen/living space.  I love the laundry room.  We will want to finish the basement soon to get a game room and guest room, but there is plenty of room in the basement for all that and more.  I do find myself thinking about decorating the new house, and where I would put holiday stuff, and it excites me. 

And it will sure be nice to get a fence up and install those locks up high on all the doors, because I am done chasing little boys down the street.