Sunday, October 23, 2011

Our new house

We finally have a house here in Utah!

Now, I've mentioned just how difficult this purchase was.   It was a short sale, and so we were dealing with a seller, a bank, and the most picky lender ever.  In our 12 years of marriage, this is the 7th house we have bought.  I know, we are abnormal.  We have bought more houses together than cars, which is only 5.  Anyway, this was the most difficult of all our home purchases.  We submitted our offer back at the end of August, and we got the keys yesterday.  We were supposed to close last Monday, but the lender needed additional documentation.  They had written confirmation of Dan's employment, but needed verbal confirmation as well.  That pushed us back 2 days, so were able to go sign documents on Wednesday.  But, Dan was out of town, which meant that we had to get a power of attornery so I could sign for him.   So instead of just signing my name, I was signing my name on my spot, and then signing Dan S. by Angela S. as attorney in fact.  Every freaking time!

Wait, it's not over.  Then at closing the title company realizes there is an error in the amount of money I am supposed to have.  So I go back the next morning with additional funds, and to sign something for the seller's title company.  I think I am done, but no.  I get a call that afternoon--the documents have been prepared wrong.  I had to go back and sign every paper again, with that long power of attorney thing.  Finally, all the signing is done.  Now, at every other closing I have done, we got our keys at closing, but not here.  We have to wait for it to first fund, and then record with the county, and then we get keys.

So finally, we have a house.  Now we were able to get permission from the seller to start our projects early, so on Thursday and Friday we had workers there laying out our new wood floor.  It is going to be awesome.  The only other things we are doing before we move in is paint and clean carpets.  We are also starting the landscaping this week, which is going to make a world of difference on the curb appeal.  I am excited to show some before and after pictures of it all.  Our stuff should be getting here around the first of November.  I am so ready to be in our new house.

Here are a few pictures of the inside.  This is the front room when you first walk in.  We will be using it as Dan's office, although I really want it for a piano room.

The entryway, facing the front door.

The kitchen and family room are one big open room.  First the kitchen end, then the family room end.

I am in love with the laundry room.

Tyler standing in his bedroom.  The other two kid rooms are quite similar.

 The master bedroom and bath.

I am looking forward to moving in our stuff and decorating.  I plan on posting pictures as rooms get finished. Finally, home sweet home.


MissRissa said...

Wow Angela- I am SO jealous of your laundry room, It's awesome! I'm glad everything is working out for you guys!

Shelly Cunningham said...

What a gorgeous house! I'm so happy for you. I am about to get a taste of living with someone else- the boys & I move in with my in-laws for a few weeks (until our big move to Alaska) and I am freaking out! It's stressful enough to have the kids in my own space, I can't imagine how I'm going to survive with them in someone else's.

Michelle said...

YAY!!! I love how the wood turned out. I just wish i could help you unpack things, but I'm glad you have family there to help you!!!

Emily said...

It looks gorgeous! Congrats on finally getting everything signed and done. Good luck with all the moving!

Stephanie said...

I LOVE your floors!! And the house is just gorgeous! I'm sure you are so excited to start decorating. So fun - and just in time for the holidays. miss you!

Stephani said...

I had to sign for Corey when we closed this summer - such a pain... Congrats!

Rebecca Stratton said...

Well, it seems that your boys do love your new abode. I can see a lot of potential in this house. I bet you'll enjoy personalizing your home.;)

Rebecca Stratton

Genny said...

Buying a new house is very exciting, especially when you find the house that you truly like. This is one gorgeous house, and it's a head-turner, even from afar. Your boys seemed to be having a lo fun while checking it out, and I'm pretty sure you will have fun living there.

Genny Stutesman

Richelle said...

Where are the updated photos now, Angela? How did you find this beautiful place, btw? I think the surroundings look nice… Your boys will have a good playtime there… don't they now? :D Apologies on my late congratulations.

Richelle Jelsma

Kathrine Landau said...

You made a good decision in buying this new house. This place is perfect for a growing family. It is even spacious enough where your children can roam and play around. I like your bathroom because it is very spacious and well-designed. You can create your mini spa in this place.

Kathrine Landau

Brendan said...

Wow! The floors are really nice, and you're right, the laundry room is lovely! It’s emanating a very positive aura from the looks of it. :) Do you have new updates already? I’m excited to see how you and your family decorated your whole house!

Brendan Amorose