Thursday, October 20, 2011

Barnyard Boo

My mom has a grandparents pass to Thanksgiving Point, which means we go there often.  While it was our first time to Barnyard Boo, I'm sure it won't be our last.  My kids had so much fun.

First up, face painting.  Tyler wanted an eye so he could be a three-eyed monster, while my sweet niece Rachel opted for the adorable kitty on her check.

Next was the pony ride: Kade (my nephew), me and Carter, Rachel, and Tyler.  Brady showed no interest and stayed behind with grandma.

They had fun games for all the kids to play.

In the little jail and on the wagon ride.  It was so cute to watch Kade.  He is 4, and just became Tyler's little shadow for the afternoon.  Tyler got an eye, then Kade wanted one too.  Tyler was going to go in the jail, well then by golly so was Kade.  And of course, Kade had to sit by Tyler on the wagon ride.  Adorable.

I think this one sums up just how much fun we had.

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