Monday, August 26, 2013

July in review

It was during the month of July that I finally started feeling better--no more morning sickness! Here are a few of the things we did.

Fourth of July

I still miss Texas, and at least once a week long to move back, but spending the Fourth in Utah is my favorite.  My dad is a master at cooking in the dutch ovens, and every year we go up the canyon for the world's yummiest breakfast.  And while my dad has the food down, my mom is the best at bringing the party.  Every year she has the decor, not to mention activities for the kids to do.

Then we get to spend a really lazy afternoon, this year it may or may not have included a nap and patriotic sno cones.

For dinner we have a BBQ.  This year we did pulled pork sandwhiches, all the sides, and for dessert, sugar cookies and strawberry trifle.  And then as soon as it is dark enough, we set off fireworks in the street.

The Zoo

Since we bought a pass, we made it back again.  The day was cloudy and we got sprinkled on just a little, but that meant that it was cool and not too crowded.  It was a really fun trip.

Float Preview Party

The big holiday here in Utah is Pioneer Day, the 24th of July.  We have discovered that going to see all the floats that are in the big parade, is even better than a parade.  The floats are awesome to see up close, there are balloons and face painting, and then we grab lunch.  Such a fun morning.

And finally, our neighborhood had a block party with bike parade, games, and homemade ice cream.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Jackson at 20 months

I am loving the stage that Jackson is in right now.

At his 18 month checkup, he weighed 24 pounds (57th percentile) and was 31 1/2 inches tall (16th percentile).  He still has a huge head (83rd percentile)

He is growing and developing just right.

He is becoming more picky now, but still eats most of what we give him.  He loves strawberries, bananas, grapes, yogurt, bread, pancakes, waffles, and cheese tortillas.  We give him whatever we are eating for dinner, and he'll usually eat some of eat.  I keep putting vegetables on his tray, and he keeps throwing them on the floor.

He is also like his momma, and loves sweets, and we discovered he loves ice cream cones.

He tries hard to keep up with his brothers.  He loves being included with them, but of course he usually just gets in their way.  He loves to play outside on the playscape or his tricycle.  He just loves being outside, and recently learned to open doors.  Yes, I have had to chase him out of the street, but only once did someone have to bring him to the door when he escaped.

He finally (FINALLY!!) learned to walk at 17 months.  Such a slow poke, but now I just love the way he walks.  He literally toddles around, and I especially love to watch him try to run and jump.

When I took him for his check up, the pediatrician asked about vocabulary, 10-20 words for an 18 month old.   I knew I could count up to about 10.  But since then, his language has exploded and I don't think I can even count everything he says.  I really think he was focusing on walking, and once he got that, then all his words came.   He learned Brady's name first, but now knows everyone's name, and love to call out to his brothers.  He loves to point out doggies, and tells us they say "woof." One of his first words was actually "thank you."  One of his newest words is "push play."  He says it when we get in the car, and he wants to watch a movie.  I don't know if I should be proud of him, or worried.

He is still a great sleeper.  I am hoping the new baby sleeps as well.  From the time he was born, Jackson would wake up to eat in the night, and then go right back to sleep.  He goes right to sleep now, as long as he has his blankie and bottle (which we are trying to wean him from), and sleeps for a good 10-12 hours at night.  He goes to sleep well for naps and sleeps 1-2 hours then.

His personality is really coming out.  He has the cutest laugh and loves to be silly.  I can't imagine our family without.  We love you Jackers!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Meeting Great-Grandma

At the end of June, my aunt and uncle were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, and my parents were going to their open house.  We decided to tag along, but mostly to visit my grandma.  This is my dad's mom, and my last living grandparent.  She just turned 92, and none of my kids have met her.  We only live 3 hours away, so while we have lived outside Utah for most of their lives, we should have been before now.  First we have a 4 generation picture, then Tyler with his great-grandma, and finally my grandma with 6 of her 7 children.

 While we were there, the twins found my uncle's motorcycle.  My uncle has always had a motorcycle, and I remember him taking me on rides when I was a little girl.  Well, first Brady just climbed on, but then I asked if he would mind giving a ride to my kids.  Of course he didn't, and Brady and Tyler took him up on the offer.

 And finally, we also had a chance to swim in the hotel pool that weekend.  Grandpa was the good sport who got in and let the kids jump in to him over and over again.  Jackson was much more happy sitting poolside.


Let's play some catch up.

Brady and Carter turned 4!

For their first birthday, we had a big party, actually celebrated twice.  Their second was low key since I was pregnant.  Their third birthday was pretty big again, and then this year was low key because I'm pregnant.  I think I see a pattern.

They got up that morning and wanted to open presents the second they saw them.

Hot Wheels track, spider man toys, Beyblades, bubbles, and water guns.

We had lunch at McDonald's, and I let them stay and play as long as they wanted.

We had grandma and grandpa over for a BBQ.  Then we invited the rest of the family for cake and ice cream. 

Carter has a bit of stage fright, so when we all started singing to them, he hid under the table.

Brady at 4
At his check up, Brady was 41 1/2 inches (77th percentile) and 38 pounds (69th percentile). Brady is a smart but stubborn boy.  He learned to write a B last year, as evidenced by the many B's I found on my walls in permanent marker.  He loves to play outside, especially riding his bike. While he often gets in trouble for being the ring leader, he also has a real sweet streak and can hold so still during family prayer.  His hair lost it's signature curl :( but his dimple still gets me every time.

Carter at 4
Carter is 41 1/4 inches (73rd percentile) and 39 pounds (76th percentile). Carter learned to write his name in school, and I love finding scraps of paper with his letters on them.  (He too went through a phase of writing on walls, but he seems to have stopped.)  Carter is smart and can sit still and work on things like puzzles, coloring, and can sit forever playing games on my phone.  He does love to ride his bike, and asks everyday if he can play outside with his friends.  Every few mornings, Carter comes to our room very early, and wants to snuggle in bed.  I love those early morning snuggles.