Sunday, August 25, 2013

Jackson at 20 months

I am loving the stage that Jackson is in right now.

At his 18 month checkup, he weighed 24 pounds (57th percentile) and was 31 1/2 inches tall (16th percentile).  He still has a huge head (83rd percentile)

He is growing and developing just right.

He is becoming more picky now, but still eats most of what we give him.  He loves strawberries, bananas, grapes, yogurt, bread, pancakes, waffles, and cheese tortillas.  We give him whatever we are eating for dinner, and he'll usually eat some of eat.  I keep putting vegetables on his tray, and he keeps throwing them on the floor.

He is also like his momma, and loves sweets, and we discovered he loves ice cream cones.

He tries hard to keep up with his brothers.  He loves being included with them, but of course he usually just gets in their way.  He loves to play outside on the playscape or his tricycle.  He just loves being outside, and recently learned to open doors.  Yes, I have had to chase him out of the street, but only once did someone have to bring him to the door when he escaped.

He finally (FINALLY!!) learned to walk at 17 months.  Such a slow poke, but now I just love the way he walks.  He literally toddles around, and I especially love to watch him try to run and jump.

When I took him for his check up, the pediatrician asked about vocabulary, 10-20 words for an 18 month old.   I knew I could count up to about 10.  But since then, his language has exploded and I don't think I can even count everything he says.  I really think he was focusing on walking, and once he got that, then all his words came.   He learned Brady's name first, but now knows everyone's name, and love to call out to his brothers.  He loves to point out doggies, and tells us they say "woof." One of his first words was actually "thank you."  One of his newest words is "push play."  He says it when we get in the car, and he wants to watch a movie.  I don't know if I should be proud of him, or worried.

He is still a great sleeper.  I am hoping the new baby sleeps as well.  From the time he was born, Jackson would wake up to eat in the night, and then go right back to sleep.  He goes right to sleep now, as long as he has his blankie and bottle (which we are trying to wean him from), and sleeps for a good 10-12 hours at night.  He goes to sleep well for naps and sleeps 1-2 hours then.

His personality is really coming out.  He has the cutest laugh and loves to be silly.  I can't imagine our family without.  We love you Jackers!

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Shelly Cunningham said...

Question about the next baby: Do you know what it is yet? (I forget how far along you are...) Are you planning to find out? Do you hope it's a girl, or are you kind of expecting another boy?
I think at this point, I would be a little worried if I got a girl just cause I've got this boy thing down!
I can't wait to follow your journey with Baby #5! :)