Friday, February 15, 2008

My wonderful valentine's present

So what did I get that was so wonderful yesterday for Valentine's Day? Dan did get me flowers (thanks honey, they are gorgeous!), but that's not the big gift. The big gift was from my dentist--a $2000 estimate! And that's after our insurance.

This is what happens when you put off going to the dentist. I finally took Tyler in for the first time (he's four) and myself for the first time in 6 years. I would suggest you go more often, especially if you are like me with horrible teeth. I can remember going in all with my brother and sisters, and I was always the one with the repeat dentist visits. This is including my brother who as a kid would go a week without brushing his teeth, and still not have cavities! I have only had maybe two visits to the dentist with perfect checkups. So as we have moved, changed insurance, had to find a good dentist, etc., it was just too easy to keep putting it off. So yesterday I was given the wonderful news: I need four crowns, and I have two cavities. They are starting on the two worst teeth that need crowns, which are right next to each other, and then we'll go from there.

And just as a PSA, if you happen to have a filling pop out one day while you are flossing your teeth, don't wait over a year to finally see your dentist because there WILL be decay in your tooth.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Visual Survey

Okay, I saw this on Jenny's blog and am giving it a go myself.

FIRST - read the question
SECOND - type in the first answer that comes to mind in Google Image search
THIRD - post the first picture that comes up and write what you typed in (it’s hard sometimes to use the first image, but you must)

1. Age I will be on my next birthday - 32

2. Favorite Food - dessert

3. Favorite Color - blue

4. A place I would like to visit - England

5. Where I live - Houston

6. Name of a past or present pet - Fred, our cat when I was little, and the only pet I've ever had

(Okay, this one totally made me laugh outloud!)

7. One of my favorite places -Disneyland

8. Favorite holiday - Christmas

9. A bad habit -procrastination
(I had to cheat and take the second one. The small line says, "I'll find a picture for it later.")

10. Favorite animal - gorillas, at least that's my favorite animal to watch at the zoo

11. Favorite cartoon from childhood - The Smurfs

12. My name (or nickname) - Ang

13. Sport I play (or my favorite) - me, sports? The only active thing I enjoy and do regularly is yoga

14. Favorite extravagance (what I do or get when I have a little extra time and money) -get a treat (this is what we call going for ice cream, snacks, sweets, etc.)

15. A phrase I over use -Is that a deal?
Okay, come on all you bloggers, give it a try!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Winter in Texas

Granted we do have days that get "cold." We have had a few overnight lows of 30 or so; Last week the highs were only in the 50's. But today was not one of those "cold" Texas days. Today, we hit 80. I don't know if I am ever going to get used to it, or if I will ever blog about things other than our weather.

Anyway, today I had to drive down to the med center. As part of our adoption application we both need physicals, and before my doctor ordered gobs of blood work, he wanted to see my last round of blood work which was at the RE's office. So Tyler and I drove the 45 minutes that it takes to get there, picked it up, and wondered what to do next. It seemed silly to just turn around and drive home; the children's museum is close, but it's closed on Mondays; did I know of a park nearby? And then it hit me, let's try the zoo.

We haven't been to the one here yet, and Tyler really wanted to go. We had a fun spontaneous trip, and I was surprised that his favorite thing was the reptile house. We are going to have to go back one day for a planned trip when we can stay just a little longer. Oh, and did you notice he's wearing shorts! Gotta love the weather.