Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Visual Survey

Okay, I saw this on Jenny's blog and am giving it a go myself.

FIRST - read the question
SECOND - type in the first answer that comes to mind in Google Image search
THIRD - post the first picture that comes up and write what you typed in (it’s hard sometimes to use the first image, but you must)

1. Age I will be on my next birthday - 32

2. Favorite Food - dessert

3. Favorite Color - blue

4. A place I would like to visit - England

5. Where I live - Houston

6. Name of a past or present pet - Fred, our cat when I was little, and the only pet I've ever had

(Okay, this one totally made me laugh outloud!)

7. One of my favorite places -Disneyland

8. Favorite holiday - Christmas

9. A bad habit -procrastination
(I had to cheat and take the second one. The small line says, "I'll find a picture for it later.")

10. Favorite animal - gorillas, at least that's my favorite animal to watch at the zoo

11. Favorite cartoon from childhood - The Smurfs

12. My name (or nickname) - Ang

13. Sport I play (or my favorite) - me, sports? The only active thing I enjoy and do regularly is yoga

14. Favorite extravagance (what I do or get when I have a little extra time and money) -get a treat (this is what we call going for ice cream, snacks, sweets, etc.)

15. A phrase I over use -Is that a deal?
Okay, come on all you bloggers, give it a try!


jennmom2000 said...

I'm so glad you did this! Its fun to catch up on here and makes me wish we lived closer. Next time you come to Disneyland, give me a call.

Emily R said...

ok that one looks fun!!! i will have to try it!

Camilla said...

Ang, I tried it, but my results weren't as fun as yours, boring actually!

Camilla said...

I was entertained while doing, though, so I guess the purpose of the activity was filled.