Friday, February 15, 2008

My wonderful valentine's present

So what did I get that was so wonderful yesterday for Valentine's Day? Dan did get me flowers (thanks honey, they are gorgeous!), but that's not the big gift. The big gift was from my dentist--a $2000 estimate! And that's after our insurance.

This is what happens when you put off going to the dentist. I finally took Tyler in for the first time (he's four) and myself for the first time in 6 years. I would suggest you go more often, especially if you are like me with horrible teeth. I can remember going in all with my brother and sisters, and I was always the one with the repeat dentist visits. This is including my brother who as a kid would go a week without brushing his teeth, and still not have cavities! I have only had maybe two visits to the dentist with perfect checkups. So as we have moved, changed insurance, had to find a good dentist, etc., it was just too easy to keep putting it off. So yesterday I was given the wonderful news: I need four crowns, and I have two cavities. They are starting on the two worst teeth that need crowns, which are right next to each other, and then we'll go from there.

And just as a PSA, if you happen to have a filling pop out one day while you are flossing your teeth, don't wait over a year to finally see your dentist because there WILL be decay in your tooth.


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Nice website. It was fun finding out about it from your very cool Christmas card. Hey, a favor. Could you email me? ( My brother John and his wife just moved to Houston and it would be great if you could touch base with my sis-in-law since she's new to the area. You might remember her -- Melissa née Goodsell. (Her dad built your Highland house.) Anyways, email me and we can swap contact info. Thanks!