Sunday, August 11, 2013

Meeting Great-Grandma

At the end of June, my aunt and uncle were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, and my parents were going to their open house.  We decided to tag along, but mostly to visit my grandma.  This is my dad's mom, and my last living grandparent.  She just turned 92, and none of my kids have met her.  We only live 3 hours away, so while we have lived outside Utah for most of their lives, we should have been before now.  First we have a 4 generation picture, then Tyler with his great-grandma, and finally my grandma with 6 of her 7 children.

 While we were there, the twins found my uncle's motorcycle.  My uncle has always had a motorcycle, and I remember him taking me on rides when I was a little girl.  Well, first Brady just climbed on, but then I asked if he would mind giving a ride to my kids.  Of course he didn't, and Brady and Tyler took him up on the offer.

 And finally, we also had a chance to swim in the hotel pool that weekend.  Grandpa was the good sport who got in and let the kids jump in to him over and over again.  Jackson was much more happy sitting poolside.

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