Friday, September 2, 2011

First day of school

I sure hope the truancy police don't show up at my door.

Tyler finally made it to his first day of second grade today.  He only missed 8 days of school.  We wanted to get a house under contract quickly, and tried several times, but discovered that when buying a short sale, banks just don't have the same sense of urgency we do.  So we finally got the unofficial word from the bank, and went ahead and enrolled him.  We hope to have the official closing date by next week, and of course I will post more later.

Here is my sweet boy.  He was a little nervous about being the new kid.  We went in this morning and met his teacher (who looks about 12!  I must be getting old) and brought her an apple.  (Of course covered in caramel and chocolate.)  He seemed good when I left, and I will find out in just a few hours how his first day went.


michelle said...

so handsome! It was great talking with you today! Can't wait to see you next month!

Emily said...

I'm glad you hopefully found something! We sure miss you guys around here. Hopefully you're enjoying that nice weather!

Di said...

I have a friend, Ms. Calister, that teaches in that area. I think she said she taught second grade. Her nick name is seven because of how young she looks. Just wondering if that is his teacher. would be pretty funny if it were.