Monday, September 29, 2008

Routine is good

I think we are finally back to normal here. We got power last Thursday, so I had a couple of days to get my house cleaned. And of course, it is already dirty, so see, I am now back to my routine cleaning and laundry.

Tyler finally went back to preschool today. He goes MWF; he went four times, and then missed 7 because of the hurricane and no power at his school.

Our fridge finally has basics in it again like butter and eggs.

Tyler had his first soccer practice last Saturday. We'll see how he does in his first game this weekend.

I got my hair cut last Saturday. You do not understand how happy this made me.

See, things are going well. I really had a hard time with the lack of order in my life the last couple weeks. While I don't always look it, I am actually pretty organized. I do not do well with sponteneity; I like to have a plan. I found this website and liked the idea behind it. I have created a weekly to-do list in the past, but I loved how this had daily chores too. So I created a chart inspired by theirs, but tweaked to fit my needs.

I love having my weekly list hanging on my fridge and I LOVE checking off things as I do them. I like routine. I am so glad to back to routine. I am such a nerd


Gold Fort said...

Routine IS good, however, I'm not sure I like mine. It seems to work for me but I don't like it. You are definitely more organized than me! Course, I hated planners too. Not that I'm not orgnized, but organized enough.

summer said...

I am so glad I found you, I have googled your name 10 times and could never find you!!! Hope all is well, can't wait to catch up.

Camilla said...

Glad things are settling down.