Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Autumn in Texas

Oftentimes, when people find out I live in Texas, they ask how I like it. My answer is usually the same: It's a good place to live, except for the weather, and I miss my family. This answer is especially true in the fall. You see, the hellishly hot summer is to be expected. Yes, it's hot again, let's go to the pool. The winter, rather mild with a few too cold days. The spring, it's okay, just when you are ready for it to start warming up it does. But fall? Ugh. You'd like it to cool down, you hope it would cool down, in fact you might wake up one morning and go outside and feel mild and not too humid weather and you might actually think it is starting to cool down, but no. 86 degrees for the high again. You just don't know what you are going to get. Last Thanksgiving it was cold (almost down near freezing) while the year before we ate outside. Last Christmas was gorgeous--we went to the park to play. So you see, you just never know.

And the second part of my quip? Yeah, it too is especially true in the fall. Just when it is time to start all the holidays, I miss my family. No cousin halloween parties, no Temple Square at Christmas visits, no holiday get togethers. But this year, we are going to Utah for Thanksgiving, so we have that to look forward to. We haven't had Thanksgiving with my side of the family for 4 years. I am so looking forward to it.

And I'm trying to make up for the weather part too with some fall/Halloween decorating.

Here's my front porch:

This is my witch (who I have had for about 4 years now, and I still love her!)

I just got this new Halloween wreath. I had a beautiful wreath before made out of fall leaves, but last year this lovely Houston humidity got to it, and it actually started growing mold. But isn't this new one so fun?

And a few inside shots:

So, we will make the best of it while we wait for autumn to arrive in Texas.


amanda said...

i love it! It looks soo festive an fun! Come over and we'll have our own fall fun with Tyler and the kids! Keira beleives the entire lat two weeks of October means dressing up every day anyway!

amanda said...
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Gold Fort said...

At least you revel in the Halloween celebrations. I guess I'm just not into it. I like Fall Decor and I have Halloween stuff, just don't feel like decorating with it I guess. I love your witch and your wreath!

Camilla said...

Cute decorations Angela!

Let's hook up over thanksgiving (in the most non-weird single hook-up possible).