Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The _________ hour of the week

I call 3/4 year old soccer the funniest hour of the week; Dan calls it the most frustrating. Tyler is not the star of the team by any means, and he has a hard time getting to the ball when the other 11 kids are on top of it. His lack of determination is what frustrates Dan. However, I find the games hilarious. These kids crack me up--running and kicking so far out of bounds that it really should be obvious; swarming the ball; the things they say. And of course my own child is one of the funniest. Last Saturday our game was at 8 am, so it was a little chilly. Tyler insisted on wearing the head band. But then, if you notice, he has taken it off when it was his turn to play goalie. Apparently he told his coach that he didn't need it when he was goalie because it was to help him run fast. Of course later in the game, he had it back on. I don't know that it really helped, but we will just keep practicing and enjoying our games.


Gold Fort said...

Aidan played soccer...sorta. He would always be the player who hung back to trot alongside the opposite team's teammates and carry on a conversation with them. He could care less about the ball, scoring or winning. He was there for the social thrill! Like you, it was hilarious for me to watch.

Brit said...

Soooo funny! He looks so cute in his uniform.

Alisha said... cute! AH kids...gotta love them.