Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Open wide. Wider.

So this morning I went to the dentist. Again.

See I have been to the dentist's office 10 times this year, and once to the endodontist. I have one more appointment still for this calendar year. Unless, as the dentist warned me today as I was having a crown prep (for the fifth time this year), "I don't think you need a root canal on that tooth, but if you start to feel pain or extreme sensitivity to temperature, let us know."

I mean they know me. The receptionist tells me hello by name. The assistant and I chat up her love life. They all know and remember Tyler (who has only been to the dentist's twice, and once to sit while I got a temporary crown recemented in).

The thing that really gets me is to stop and think of all the money I have given them over the course of the last year. If I wasn't paying dental bills, we could get the built-in entertainment set we want. Or new living room furniture. Or the PB bedroom set I like. Or hire a decorator to come in and paint, curtain, and accessorize our house. (Can you tell I want to do some home decorating?)

Oh well. So I don't get the living room I want. At least I have teeth that don't hurt.


amanda said...

oh i am so sorry! That is how I feel about prescription drugs each month-man i could do a lot with that money! I feel your pain! Hang in there! Besides your teeth are so pretty no one would ever guess you have had to go through so much this year! :)

Rebecca said...

I love to read your blog sister! You are so cute. I'm glad you are doing good.

Tresa Fowler said...

I can feel your pain. I spend my fair share of time in the dentist office as well. I just had a check up with my endodontist a few days ago (I had a root canal 1 hour before going into labor with Kate). It stinks. I think I paid for my dentist's backyard remodel. It turned out great, I can see his backyard from my house. Good luck!