Friday, March 28, 2008

Sit down and take a rest

I finally seem to have a day to rest. Well, this sinus headache is actually forcing me to stop and breathe. We had such a busy last week and a half. Last week was our Spring Break, and so we decided to go to San Antonio/Sea World for a day. We thought it would be such a great idea to go there on Friday and then to Austin for Easter weekend. Uh, not such a great idea. I would NOT recommend going to Sea World on Spring Break/Good Friday. It was so crowded that it got to the point where you couldn't walk for the crowds; all the rides were over an hour wait; and the shows were standing room only. We made it to two shows and went on two of the kiddie rides.

We did buy a year pass, since it was 5 dollars more. This way we can go back and enjoy ourselves just a bit more.

We spent Easter weekend in Austin, which was so fun for Tyler. He loves his cousins, and I love to see him so busy with them. Poor kid, he must get so bored with me as his playmate. Grandma S. arranged for an egg hunt for the kids and we ate a yummy Easter dinner.

Then, Dan's brother is moving to Houston, so their family came and stayed with us this week. Again, Tyler was in heaven with so many playmates.

And finally, yesterday we had our interviews with our caseworker. The only thing we need now is our home visit, and Dan needs his CPR. We are looking at being approved in about two weeks! We are so excited, but also a little nervous. I am mostly worried that it is going to be such a long wait. The whole infertility/adoption thing has become such an opportunity to learn to trust Heavenly Father and his plan and time table for our family, so while it is not a trial I would choose, it has certainly helped me to grow and learn.

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Camilla said...

Good luck with the adoption stuff, Angela. I'll be thinking of you!

Sorry Sea World was a bust!! Sounds like you'll get a next time really soon!