Friday, April 11, 2008

I am smiling

So I went to the mall with my friend Kelsey today. She totally made me buy this purse. I am usually pretty conservative when it comes to things like this, but she convinced me to branch out just a bit. All afternoon I have found myself looking at it, or even just seeing it out of the corner of my eye, and feeling so happy. I love it. Thanks Kelsey!


Camilla said...

Angela, delete that comment from akinol. I think it is a virus.

AND, I really like the purse-- I wouldn't have been brave enough to pick it out either. Aren't friends great for that? My friend recently talked me into some shoes I really like.

Kelsey said...

I feel so privleaged to be named on your blog. I am so loving your purse, too! I want one. I guess I'll let you be unique, for a while... =) Glad you like it. Now, when's our shoe/clothing outing? =)

erin j bailey said...

I remembered it! It is always great to find new blogs.

Your purse is so cute! I always find myself playing it safe too, but then you always regret not taking the risk.

Emily R said...

that is cute! i dont have the guts to get a cute one like that... but i did just splurge on a seatbelt purse, wich i LOVE! sometimes you just GOTTA get something that makes you happy!