Monday, September 3, 2012

8 months old

I love this boy.

Some things about Jackson at 8 months old.

  • I love the way he sleeps; he automatically rolls onto his tummy and tucks his arms and legs up under him.
  • When he's tired, and eating a bottle, he puts one or both hands over his eyes.  He's done this for quite awhile now.
  • When he's about to fall asleep, he makes this quiet moaning sound.  So if we're driving in the car, and he starts making it, I know he'll be asleep when we get home.
  • Poor boy is not on a schedule the way his brothers were.  That's what happens when you are the fourth.  His basic schedule is sleep from 8 or 9 at night to 7 or 8 in the morning, but with one feeding in there about 5 or so. He will have either one long nap or two small ones, depending on what we have going on that day.  
  • He loves toys.  He loves to hold rattles and teethers and even things that aren't toys.
  • He is still so happy.  He gives smiles away to everyone.
  • He is being so slow to sit independently.  But he loves to hold on to your hands and "stand" in your lap.  He has wanted to "stand" since long before he had the muscle strength to do so.
  • He's getting around lately and can roll and wiggle across the room.
  • He plays patty cake and will give fives.  He also plays with his own fingers and opens and closes his fists.
  • He's a pretty good eater.  He gets fruit and cereal for breakfast, which he loves.  He's not as keen on the veggies, but will eat them.  Except for green beans.  I haven't been able to get him to finish a serving of beans.
  • He loves his brothers.  The twins love to give him hugs and make him smile.  Tyler is also good at entertaining him.
  • I love his last feeding of the day, when he is sleepy, and takes his bottle, and will snuggle with me.  I love him.

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M_Massie said...

Wow you certainly have a beautiful child :) He is gorgeous! What a blessing and just look at his amazing sweet grin. I'm glad I took a moment to take a look because it gave me a smile to see him.

Relatively Ririe said...

Hello, just stopping by to snoop and say I miss you guys!!! Your family is so beautiful, I love seeing the boys updates... that little Jackson has the sweetest smile. Hugs and Kisses

Mhie Recio said...

your baby is so cute!