Friday, September 21, 2007

And now, there's a blog

I have decided to jump on the blog bandwagon. Now, I know that my computer skills have yet to progress beyond surfing the internet, organizing my photos in photoshop (the actual editing of said photos is another story), and balancing my checkbook in Quicken; however, I am certain that I can manage a blog. Let's see.

For my inaugural post, here are the top three events of September:

1. Tyler started preschool.

What a big guy we have! He seems to be doing well, his teacher told me she wants to take him home. I'm still waiting to find out that this little talker of mine has spilled some family beans.

2. The Wild Boar
Did you know that wild boars lived in Houston? Not just in the wild but in my neighborhood? I know now, because one attacked me. Well, he ran in front of my car, and now there is one less wild boar running the streets of Houston. And of course, this happened in our 7 week old car which is still in the body shop.

3. Adoption
We have received our adoption application. After several doctor visits, and being told that nothing is wrong, we have decided that this is the option for us to pursue now. Do all we can, but trust in Heavenly Father for his will and his timing.

Look at that. One post down, and I even included pictures. :)

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