Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Is it Fall yet?

I am so ready for it to be fall. We've had a few mornings, where you walk outside and it feels just a little like fall, but with most days still up to 90 degrees, it's hard to escape Summer. Tyler and pulled out and set up our fall decorations today, because we want it to be fall time!

And just for the grandparents, tonight Dan took Tyler for a special daddy outing (dinner and Chuck E. Cheese). When they came home I put Tyler in the bath and left him for just a minute. He usually turns off the water himself when it gets to the right level. Tonight he had bubbles, and I guess they were quite distracting, because when I came back in, this is what I saw:

Do you see how high that water is?

Gotta love him. I think I will go give him a good-night kiss now.

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