Thursday, December 6, 2007

Gift giving

One definition of a good gift giver is someone who is thoughtful; one who thinks of the receiver and chooses something with that person in mind. If that is true, then Tyler is an exceptional gift giver. For example, last Mother's Day, Dan asked Tyler what he wanted to get me. "Lightbulbs" was his answer. Now, you might be thinking that is a lame gift, but just that day I had mentioned that I needed new light bulbs.

Well yesterday, I was asking Tyler what he wanted to get his Dad for Christmas. "Well, since Dad likes taking baths, how about a rubber duckie?" See? So thoughtful and chosen carefully with the receiver in mind. And yes, we did find a rubber duckie that is just waiting to be wrapped and placed under the tree.

1 comment:

Emily R said...

ok, i just got your card! i am glad you started a blog!! i can peek in on you guys now!!! :)
you are adorable! seriously, tyler sounds like such a sweet and thoughtful kid!!
i love the decorations too. do you buy your garland pre lit? or do you string lights into it? it looks great!