Tuesday, December 11, 2007


We had Tyler's friend party last Saturday. I thought that having it earlier in the month would make it a little easier to get people there. We invited 4 little boys, and three came--pretty good. Here they are:
I think they all had fun. Tyler for sure did, and loved getting presents. We made a spyglass, played pirate games, had pizza for lunch, did the pinata, and had cupcakes for our treat.

And totally unrelated, but look at what I found in my yard this morning. We have three trees in our front yard, and around two of them were three of the weirdest looking things I have ever seen. Have you ever seen this? Do you know what this is?


David said...

We just looked at your blog. We are making gingerbread houses and Jyl and Sadie are here, and David and Dar. The houses are turning out wonderful. Maybe I can make one with Tyler when I come. We think that thing under your tree looks like a pretzel. Love you! Mom

Emily R said...

looks like a fun pirate party!!! and i came and put those things under your tree - they are candy - go ahead and eat them ;)