Monday, January 7, 2008

Blogging Update

I hope you appreciate this post. There must be some fierce traffic on here tonight because it has taken FOREVER to upload these pictures! So here is our update, and you better enjoy it.

Christmas was awesome. Here's a picture of Tyler and myself each playing with our new Christmas toys. (Mine is the camera. My sweet husband surprised me with a DSLR.)

Tyler turned 4. FOUR! I can't believe we have a four year old. I love that kid.

My parents and brother came to visit. We loved having them here and miss them a ton. While they were here we also discovered our current favorite game (Ticket to Ride) and Grandpa made us pancakes three times.

Kemah with Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Dave.

(Isn't that a great picture of Tyler? We got him the camera for his birthday, and he wanted to take pictures in Kemah like Mom and Grandpa. And David, who took this one)

A visit to the Houston Temple.

Tyler actually took the last one. I think it was a total accident that he got my head straight, and the rest of the picture tilted in that cool way.

Then in January we have tried to get organized at home, worked on primary stuff (the first of the year is crazy if you work in the primary organization!), filled out pages of our adoption questionnaire (we are really trying to get it done this month) and tried to have some fun time too.

Phew! I think a resolution ought to be to update more frequently.

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Emily R said...

ticket to ride is a fun game!!! looks like you had a great christmas! jealous of your new camera - joe and i were THIS close to getting one for us too... but we backed out cause our current one works just fine - but i guess with a few more "accidental" drops or incidents with a 2 yr old... maybe next year? ;)
isnt it crazy how fast those kids grow???? 4 yrs old???? wow! happy birthday!