Sunday, August 17, 2008

Visiting Utah

Top three things about visiting Utah this summer:
1. Family.
2. The mountains.
3. The weather (it actually cools down at night!!)
4. The grass. (Okay, so this is more than three, but after walking on our crap grass here, I could sleep on the grass in Utah.)

And all the fun things we did:
The farm at Thanksgiving Point


The Children's Garden at Thanksgiving Point

Up the Canyon

Not to mention the zoo, the dinosaur museum, the movies, birthday shopping, and lots of good food. I don't know why family loves food the way we do, but we sure do.

Tyler spent almost a week there without me, and loved his grandma and grandpa not to mention his cousins. I knew someone who said they had a "fruit loop grandma" and an "oatmeal grandma". My mom is totally a fruit loop grandma. She is so hands on and full of fun; all her grandkids love her. And my dad too. Tyler is actually close to him, considering we live so far away and that my dad is not always the buddy-buddy type of guy. But ever since Tyler was little he has referred to my dad as the pancake grandpa, for reasons I'm sure you can guess. My mom said if they don't eat pancakes until Tyler comes back to visit it will be okay. And then they found another little connection--astronomy. Tyler has developed an obsession with space and planets, so when I told him that grandpa had a telescope that we could look in when we went to visit him, Tyler was thrilled. We were lucky that on our last night there it was finally a good night, and we got to look in grandpa's telescope. How fun for him.

We love and miss you guys!


Kelsey said...

That does look like a ton of fun. Just the cooler weather alone is nice. Sounds like you guys had a great summer! Yeah, school is starting. =))))))))))))

Stephanie said...

I miss the mountains and the grass too!!! It's funny how much I grew to love them only living in Utah 6 short years.