Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Seeing as how yesterday was my nine year wedding anniversary, I thought it might be nice to tell you 9 wonderful things about my husband. (I'm just hoping this makes up for the fact that we did nothing to celebrate.)

1. He works hard to support our family. He really has an ambitious streak that drives him to do his best, and as a result, I always feel that we are provided for.

2. He is the most generous person I know. No really. He is always the one of the two of us to suggest when we ought to donate some time or money to a worthy cause.

3. He is funny. While I may have my funny moments, he does win in the funny contest.

4. He puts up with my annoying quirks. And I know I'm not easy to live with.

5. He doesn't complain when I do or get the things I want. (At least not too much.) And this is after being raised in a home where dad always questioned every penny out the door.

6. We are a team. I love that we work together in our marriage, in terms of parenting, spending money, and running our household.

7. He is quick to say "I'm sorry." This one is huge. I am the one that carries around a grudge forever, and Dan is always the first to apologize. Always.

8. He is a great dad. I love watching him and Tyler interact.

9. He has a strong testimony and lives his beliefs. This was really the thing that sealed the deal for me when we were dating. I have always been impressed by his strength of character and integrity in his actions.

I love you Dan! Happy Anniversary.


Brenda said...

Congratulations! Dan is a great guy and I am glad he found you. You guys are great together. I love your picture it is so cute.

Camilla said...

Happy Anniversary!

Alisha said...

happy anniversary!

Jamie Smith said...

I hope you don't mind me stopping on your blog. I'm being a little nosy today and seeing who all I know. Congrats on your wedding anniversary! You've officially gotten over the hard years of marriage (years 7-8 I think).

I was wondering too, I don't know if the book club is open for everyone, but I would love to come if so. I don't know if I have any great book suggestions, but I love reading a great book.

That post at the end was so cute where you took the little man to all the different places around Houston. What a fun and creative thing to do!

Lori Muir said...

It's a great anniversary isn't it? We didn't do anything much for ours either. We were planning to go to a Celine Dion show since last year we bought tickets, thinking they were for last year, and this year she postponed till February. Oh well. Great I found your blog! Thanks facebook! Mine is at Great to see you!