Thursday, May 28, 2009


I had no idea I needed to bring tissues to preschool graduation, but there I found myself, wiping away tears to the point that I thought I might need to sneak off to the bathroom and steal some toilet paper. It's hard when your oldest hits these milestones and you realize how big he is getting. It's also hard when your youngest seems to be growing up. So having an only, made it twice as hard. On the one hand, I really can't believe how much he has grown up and all that he has learned and done in his brief5 1/2 years. But it also makes me so sad to be losing all our little kid time with him. And I admit that it hurts just a bit to not know if we will ever get to go through all these steps again.

But to end happily, Tyler has had the greatest preschool teachers ever.
He has learned how to read and write and play well with others. He has gained 2 inches and 5 pounds. He is prepared for kindergarten. And he is still absolutely adorable.

We are so proud of him, and look forward to all the time we get with him until the next graduation.


Wish upon a Starr said...

I'm very impressed, he actually got a real cap and gown. How very cute!! Congrats to you big little boy. Wait till first grade and he's gone for the whole day. I've yet to experience that myself but I hear it's pretty crazy.

Alisha said...

He looks so handsome in his cap and gown! It is hard when the kids grow. Sometimes I find myself crying even when there isn't a big event because I can't believe how big my kids are! :)

michelle said...

i can't believe he will be in Kindergaten in just a few months. He is such a cutie. Don't worry you guys will go through this again!!!! Let's get the kiddos together this summer...i know my kids would love that!!

amanda said...

It is hard-but he is so adorable and you are such a good mom! I love Tyler and he always makes me smile! give him a hug for me and tell him congrats!