Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy 100th post

Way back when, my friend Camilla had an awesome 100th post: 100 random facts about herself. At the time, I think I had 35 or so posts, and I thought to myself, I am going to do that when I hit 100. I was even going to link to her blog to give her credit for the awesome idea. But she made her blog private just within the last couple weeks, so I am so sorry that you will never get to see her funny post. Instead, you will get mine.

100 Random Facts About Angela
1. My parents named me Angela because I was supposed to be their little angel.
2. I wasn't. I apparently was a terror as a baby and toddler.
3. I was a weird kid. I was always afraid of hurting the feelings of my stuffed animals. I had to take turns sleeping with them.
4. I was a total blankie baby. I still have my baby blanket. It is under my bed.
5. My earliest memory is going to Disneyland when I was about 2.
6. I come from a big extended family, at least on one side. I have 27 cousins on my dad's side, and 2 on my mom's.
7. I love the smell of wet cement.
8. I have a fear of the phone. I don't like calling people I don't know. I would so much rather shoot off an email.
9. I taught English in middle school for 4 years.
10. I always wanted to be a mom, but didn't know how much until it happened.
11. I really enjoy eating. Especially if I don't have to cook it.
12. No holiday is complete without a well-thought out menu. And I have been known to take a photo of the spread before anyone can start dishing up.
13. I have a ginormous sweet tooth.
14. I have always loved to read, from the time I learned how.
15. I secretly wish the world of Harry Potter was real.
16. And maybe the Cullens too.
17. My go to channel (you know, when nothing is on?) is HGTV. Love me some House Hunters.
18. I have two sisters and one brother.
19. I totally have middle child syndrome.
20. We had one pet growing up--our cat Fred.
21. We have no plans on having a pet now.
22. When there is a food I don't like, it is probably because of the texture, not the taste.
23. I still like to color. It's relaxing.
24. I have been in 36 states. I think.
25. I have traveled to 6 different countries.
26. I am a people pleaser--I do not like confrontation or contention.
27. I have been accused of being a brown noser in school. I'm sure it's true.
28. As a result, I always did well in school. I graduated in the top 5% of my class in high school, and the top 10% in college.
29. I like crossword puzzles. Well, not the hard ones.
30. My minor in college was Art History.
31. Loved college. Made some friends there that will be my friends forever.
32. My favorite class in college was Young Adult Literature.
33. I took that class during spring term. That term, I read 8000 pages in 8 weeks.
34. In high school, I was really into my music. I guess most people in high school are.
35. I have only kissed two boys in my life.
36. In high school, I had the lead in Blithe Spirit.
37. For those from Utah, I was the Speech/Drama Sterling Scholar for my high school.
38. I am independent. The first year of marriage was quite a transition, and I still have a hard time asking for help from anyone.
39. When I was four, I broke my arm after falling down the stairs in our house.
40. I had a ruptured appendix when I was 14.
41. Public speaking doesn't scare me. Making small talk with a stranger is much more intimidating.
42. If I could have any super power, I would want to fly.
43. I love to sort. For example, when Tyler got a new lego set, and they suggested sorting all the pieces by color, I was so all over it.
44. I love putting together legos.
45. My dream job is to teach basic writing at a junior college. Maybe I will get my Masters and actually do it one day.
46. I am relatively frugal. I have a hard time spending large sums of money.
47. I have one child and drive a minivan. Odd, I know. But I have actually loved my van.
48. I like to scrapbook.
49. I wish I was an excellent photographer.
50. Loved, loved seeing Wicked on Broadway.
51. I do not remember my dreams. I sometimes wake up feeling mad or sad or happy or whatever emotion was going on in my dream, but rarely can I give you any details.
52. I kept busy as a kid. Over the course of elementary school I was in: gymnastics, ballet, tap, clogging, dance, a singing group, piano lessons.
53. The only thing I stuck with and got any good at was playing the piano.
54. I can play probably about half of the hymns by sight. With practice, about 90%.
55. Primary pianist. Best calling ever.
56. I am shy and have a hard time making friends.
57. I am not easily offended.
58. As a kid, I loved to swim. Now, I am afraid to put my head under water.
59. My dream vacation is on a beach with a good book.
60. I really like Disney vacations.
61. I am not spontaneous.
62. I have been accused (rightfully so) of having to have my own way.
63. Worst household chore: ironing or sweeping.
64. It drives me crazy when things are not organized. But my house is never completely orderly and organized.
65. I read the newspaper almost every day.
66. I check google reader multiple times a day.
67. I met my husband while serving a mission for my church.
68. Was hesitant to date my husband because he was only one inch taller than me. (I know, how shallow was I?)
69. Funny bit of trivia: Dan's inseam is 29/30 inches. Mine is 33/34.
70. First date to wedding day: 5 months and 6 days.
71. In our first 7 years of marriage we had bought 5 houses, but only one car.
72. I secretly love playing Webkinz with, or without, Tyler.
73. Not often, but it has happened: I spend the day goofing off and then bust my tail for one hour before Dan gets home so it looks like I was busy all day.
74. I do not like driving if I don't know where I am going.
75. But I do have mad map skills.
76. I'm an introvert. I recharge my batteries by being alone.
77. My favorite color changes, but my least favorite has always been purple.
78. I have always loved my blue eyes.
79. I feel so grateful that I was blessed with amazing parents.
80. My favorite book: To Kill a Mockingbird
81. If I had to choose a last meal, it would be pizza, root beer, and chocolate molten cake.
82. I like the rain, but with stipulations. Only a day or two at a time, and only if I don't have to go out in it.
83. Yoga: my favorite way to spend an hour exercising.
84. I like the gym. Although this is relatively new. I hope it sticks.
85. When we evacuated for the hurricane, I took my family, photos, and computer hard drive.
86. I like to write, but wish I was a better (or at least more consistent) journal writer.
87. If I were to have a cause, it would be literacy and education. (How sad that I don't actually have a cause.)
88. I love taking long showers. Always have. It's my "me time."
89. I have never read a Jane Austen book. (Didn't say I never tried...)
90. The number one played song in my itunes library is Bless the Broken Road.
91. I love to vacuum. I love the lines.
92. I balance my checkbook regularly. I love Quicken.
93. I rely on my faith daily.
94. I am a home body.
95. I probably worry too much about what others think. A huge motivating factor to me is not wanting to disappoint someone.
96. I think everyone should work retail and/or fast food at least once. (I've done both.)
97. My favorite thing in the world to do is be with my family.
98. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, my greatest challenge in life has been dealing with infertility.
99. My greatest accomplishment? A work in progress, my family.
100. I consider myself very blessed.


jennmom2000 said...

I wish you and I lived closer together! I really miss you. This was a great list. Totally reminded me why we are forever friends.

Lauren said...

Hey, Angela! I came across your blog recently, hope you don't mind. I started laughing about #3. I thought I was the only person in the world who did this and consequently never admitted it to anyone until now. :) More than half of your facts describe me exactly...

Stephanie said...

Happy 100th post!! Very fun to read - we have lots of things in common too!

By the way - I think you are awesome.

Wish upon a Starr said...

What a cute idea!! Didn't realize all the things we have in common. There are quite a few. What a fun way to get to know you better.

Tresa Fowler said...

What a fun post. How long did it take to come up with all those things. I feel like I could come up with three things - 1. Gavin 2. Enoch 3. Kate. I guess I need to rediscover me! How funny, that I remember some of those things about you and also learned some new things. It made me really miss you! Next time you are up, please, please, please call me.

Alisha said...

That was so fun! i feel like I know you a little bit better now. That was some fun random trivia about you! Happy 100th post! :)

michelle said...

i loved learning all about you today as a read your 100th post...somethings i know but others not. i just want you to know i think very highly of you and your such a wonderful person!

amanda said...

I loved reading your post and it reminded me why I miss you so much!!!!Why is is that we don't spend more time together? We NEED to change that and soon! Love ya!

Brenda said...

Great post. I loved reading all the facts about you too. We have more in common then I knew. It is always great to find out your not the only one out there who thinks or feels that way.

Camilla said...

That was awesome! I am so glad you did this.

We have so much more in common than I thought: public speaking=ok, small talk=yuck-o, I hate talking on the phone, too.

Speers Family said...

What a fun read!

Lori Muir said...

Very well done. The ones I totally relate to: a lot. We're related, but To Kill a Mockingbird (big surprise), Harry Potter world, people pleasing and fearing to disappoint -- you don't even know. The ones I question: your love of eating and sweetooth? I don't quite buy that skinny woman! Also, the one about goofing off all day sometimes and then working all hard is hilarious and I can't quite picture you doing that, unless you had a good book. And the ones I disagree with: Purple! One of my favs, and Jane Austen! Hello! Get on it lady! Love ya. Too fun to see all the ways we compare!

AmyJo said...

I loved reading your 100 things!

Rusts said...

That was really neat! Some of them I knew, some of them I didn't. What about our midnight cross stitching parties. I for sure thought that would make the list!