Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April Showers

bring mosquitoes! So I found out this morning as I was mowing my lawn.

Apparently they also bring love bugs.

(Those things just kind of skeeve me out. Especially the time when I was driving from Houston to Little Rock and there were patches of love bugs so thick, that as I drove through them it sounded like a severe rainstorm against my windshield. Ooh, found an image on google to demonstrate their true ickiness factor.)

And they also seem to bring toads. Found one of those this morning too. But then again I always find at least one toad every time I mow the lawn.

Ahh, what fun things to put up with in Houston. But I must say, I do love the look af the lawn freshly mowed, you know, when you can still see the lines in it? Seriously, I cannot be the only freshly-mown lawn freak, right?


Speers Family said...

I am a lawn freak with you - I just wish I didn't have to mow so much here...

michelle said...

Nope...John's the same way...Thomas was mowing today and those dumb lovebugs kept bugging him!