Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A big score

We have been having a fabulous week with Grandma here. Seriously, it has been wonderful. She cooks, she feeds babies, she plays games with Tyler, she even takes me out for lunch.

Today we hit the mall. My SIL Michelle gave me her gymbucks and we headed off to redeem them. Here is what I got:

And here is the part where I explain just what a bargain this is. Now remember, I bought two of everything. From left to right the after gymbucks/pretax amount:
one piece polo outfits: $7.99 each
red polo onesie: $4.32 each
plaid shorts: $2.16 each
light blue tees: $1.62 each
dark blue tees: $2.70 each
fishie pjs: $2.16 each

That is 12 gymboree items for about $40.

And this is how I scored. I went looking in the clearance section and noticed they had no doubles of anything. I thought it might be that they didn't have room on the floor, and so they kept one item out front, and the rest in the back. The clerk went back and brought out handfuls of clothes. Things that she said had been on the floor and not moving, so they had to move them to the back as they got new clearance stuff. I had no idea what they were going to ring up at, so we just started buying, and I got to keep adding more stuff to my tab as we realized how low everything was marked.

And so while I said that I wouldn't necessarily dress twins alike, they are sure going to be looking good in their new identical outfits next summer.


michelle said...

i'm so glad the gymbucks worked for you. ;-)

Tresa Fowler said...

Awesome! Don't you love that. Cute stuff, too.

Camilla said...

wow! I need to go shopping with you sometime.