Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Of course, Mister Brady needs a turn too.

When Brady was just a few days old, the nurses in the NICU described him as feisty. It was true then and is true now. If Brady wants something, he will let you know. In fact, most of the time when he is fussy, it is just because he wants to be picked up. I have had to put him in a sling more than a few times to get some work done.

He seems to really love people. Not only does he want to be held, but he interacts with us--smiles and coos. And when he smiles, oh that dimple.

Another thing about him, he has the loudest suck I have ever heard. I almost worry about the loud clicking he makes, but he can still down a bottle in record time. He does love to eat.

Finally, I had no idea just how quickly and completely he would win over my heart. We all love Brady so much, and wouldn't want our lives to be any other way.

And, here are some Brady pictures.

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