Monday, February 15, 2010

The one where Dan almost has a heart attack

So one night last week, Dan and I sat down to feed the babies. It's nice when there are two of us doing the feeding, because you can use your other hand to multitask. I was looking at facebook, and Dan pulled out the Blackberry he got with his new job. Here is our conversation:

"I found this game on my phone--Texas hold 'em. I never win, but I just keep buying more money to play with," states Dan.

"You're buying money? It's not using real money is it?" I ask.


"Will you please just check and make sure. I would hate for us to end up with a huge gambling debt because you didn't know you were being charged to play poker."

"Fine. I'll call and get my balance."

Elevator music . . . Dan's waiting for his balance . . . Dan has a heart attack.

"$38,000! My balance is $38,000!"

Luckily Dan got a hold of a customer service rep pretty quickly and was able to stop his heart attack. While Dan has had work pay for his phone for years, this is the first time the phone was actually in the name of his company. Turns out when that happens, and you call and get the balance, it's a corporate balance.

I think his sigh of relief was heard by our next door neighbors.


Logan and Jack's Mommy said...

That is hilarious! What a horrible moment for him... thinking it was real!

Tresa Fowler said...

Very funny! (after the fact)

Alisha said...

HAHAHA....I would have had a heart attack too. I'm glad your balance wasn't realy $38K! :)

Rachel said...

LOL!! I had a couple employees find this out the hard way too when I used to manage our company's cell phone bill. That is AWESOME that he actually thought..for a minute..that he'd run up that much money!

Poor guy...