Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Eight Months Old

Brady on the left, Carter on the right

The babies hit 8 months over the weekend! They are behaving like typical babies. They are growing and hitting milestones just as we would expect with their level of prematurity. I love them.


Brady is still the feisty baby in the house. All last week he forgot that he is supposed to sleep until 7 or so, and has been up at 4 in the morning. His 4th tooth just popped out this morning. He is this close to being able to sit unassisted. He can almost hold his own bottle during feedings. He loves attention and playing with Mom, Dad, or big brother. He can entertain himself in his exersaucer for a good 20 minutes now, which means Mom can get some stuff done around the house!


Sweet, sweet Carter. He will flash you a big grin if you talk to him. He freaks out, I mean completely freaks out when he sees his bottle. He can hold his bottle himself, and prefers to feed himself. He is at that stage of putting everything in his mouth, including his toes and socks. He still has only one tooth. He loves to roll. He can stay in his exersaucer or the jumper for quite awhile before he gets fussy. He loves to cuddle.

I love these boys!


Ariana said...

Oh wow are those the two cutest babies ever! What gorgeous little boys!
I'm glad you commented on my blog so I could peek at yours :)

michelle said...

Thanks for letting us come and hang out with you guys. We had so much fun.

fitandfungrandma said...

THIS is jenica and i think the babies are SO cute!

Jenybobenny said...

Hi Ang! this is Jenica and I got my own blog!!!!! It is Jenybobenny.blogspot.com ( I love your babies.)

Camilla said...

Such cuties you've got there Ang.