Monday, March 1, 2010


I try hard not to complain.

We waited and hoped and prayed for years, many years, to be blessed with children. I know that Brady and Carter were an answer to those prayers and are meant to be in our family. I love being a mom; I love all my boys; I wouldn't change a thing.

But some days are simply so overwhelming. If this 4:30 in the morning thing continues--I might become the world's crankiest mom from lack of sleep. (Seriously Brady, did you forget how to sleep through the night?) The thought of doing 2 baths, 2 solid feedings, 2 bedtimes, 2 trips up the stairs (I know, my life is so hard), 2 trips to load the car--it's just makes me tired. And it's been two weeks since I've had a prescription filled that is still sitting there because the thought of loading them into the stroller and into the store just so I can give the pharmacy my new insurance information is too much.

But I also have moments that I wouldn't trade for anything. And no matter how overwhelmed and tired I feel, I still love my job and think I might just be the luckiest mom in the world.


Trent and Carlie & Co. said...

I know how you feel! :) it will get easier! My husband & I read the book called Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child and I think it saved us! Our girls slept through the night (8hrs) starting at 2 months and even though they woke up at 5 or 6 am, they were going to bed at 6 pm. They now wake up between 7 and 8 am and still go to bed at 6 pm. We let them begin to cry it out at about 4 months old - it is difficult to let them cry, but in the end they are able to soothe themselves to sleep and it makes things easier in the future. There is a twin version, but doesn't have nearly enough info in it, so I recommend the original version. Everything changes when they are sick, though. Good luck!! I have barely left the house this winter - I am afraid I'll lose someone - they run so fast and always in opposite directions! Please email me if you have any specific questions! Carlie (trentncarlie at gmail)

Rachel said...

I totally know where you're coming from, and I only have one! Our job isn't easy for sure, but it's worth it!

Logan and Jack's Mommy said...

Don't feel bad about mentioning how much work two babies is. It feels good for us other twin moms to hear we're not alone. For instance, today I needed to send a package. So at 3:55pm I loaded the boys in the car (two at once, holding my hands), and at 4:08pm I arrived at the post office, took the double stroller out of the back of the car, loaded the boys up in it, opened THREE SETS of double doors (impossible with a double stroller!) to get to the counter (by 4:15pm) and spent roughly one minute at the counter. ONE MINUTE! All that work just to mail a baby gift to my friend in New Jersey. I think I need to go lay down just talking about it!

Camilla said...

Reed's been getting up early, too. I've been making him cry it out. He's fallen asleep after about 10-20 minutes of some whining (but of course I am too guilty to go back to sleep).

Hang in there.

Melanie said...

CVS drive through pharamacy: greatest thing ever, even for giving insurance info when its pouring rain.

Hang in there, you're doing great!