Friday, March 4, 2011


Two weeks ago we loaded up the van and headed to Austin for Tyler's first karate tournament.  As a bonus, we got to see Grandma and our cousins. :)

What a great first tournament for Tyler.  See how excited he looks up there waiting for it to start?  Tyler competed in forms, breaking, and sparring.  And did awesome!

First up, forms.  Tyler snagged a first place medal for that.

Next, breaking.

 My baby actually broke boards!  I was so impressed.  He choose to do a hammer fist, stomp kick, and side kick.  He nailed the first two, but the side kick stumped him.  I did tell him I was proud of him for choosing a hard one, and not doing three hammer fists like that kid that ended up taking first.

Finally, he had a sparring match where he took home another first place medal.

Here he is with all his medals--2 firsts and a a third.  I am so proud of him.  And what a great opportunity to practice and gain a bit of confidence.  Way to go bud!


Jenica said...

I think that is WAY awesome!!!!!

Rachel Elaine said...

That is so neat! Congratulations Tyler! We've been considering letting Emily try Karate. Maybe this summer.

Camilla said...

So cute!

The Blog Writer said...

Oh my! Those medals around the kid gave me a complex! I wish I'd bothered giving the exam when I was a white belt! Congratulations to the little champ! :)

Brit said...

Good job Tyler! He looks so cute uh I mean manly in his karate outfit :-)