Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break

My mom came into town for Spring Break.  I love it when my mom visits.  I don't have to entertain her, but instead she cooks for me, helps with kids, and even folds my laundry.  We always do some shopping, and we go out to eat, oh more than once or twice.

Being Spring Break, we wanted to do something fun for Tyler and the babies.  So after one day of sickness, we managed to get in the movies (Grandma and Tyler saw Gnomeo and Juliet and gave it two thumbs up), the zoo, the park, and a few kid-friendly lunches.

Enjoy our zoo pictures:

Since I had a second adult with me, we actually let the babies get out and walk for a little while.   They love the freedom.  Here we are by the elephant exhibit--our favorite.  The baby elephant was so cute!

And just as an FYI--if you are going to go during Spring Break, make sure you get there the minute it opens or you will not find parking.  We got there at 8:55, parked and walked right in.  Perfect.

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