Sunday, April 10, 2011

A quiz

Let's take a little quiz.  It's one simple question, multiple choice.  Are you ready?

1.  Angela bought a bed this week.  What does it look like?

A.  A crib.

B.  A toddler bed.

C.  Bunk Beds.

D.  A queen-size bed.

Have you made your choice?  Alright, let's check your answers.  The correct answer is A.  A crib.

And now for the whole story.  And it does not involve a new baby at our house if that is what you are thinking.

About 6 weeks ago, one of our cribs bit the dust.  Brady started shaking the rail, and it became detached at the bottom.  I assumed it was part of the whole dropside/unsafe/recall stuff and got a stabliizer kit from my manufacturer.  Don't worry, Brady was sleeping in a port-a-crib this whole time.  The kit came, but when I went to fix it, I realized the real problem.  There was no stabilizer bar.  I think it some how got lost when we moved into this house.  I am nominating myself for mother of the year because I let my baby sleep in an unsafe crib for 20 months. 

So we were down to one crib and left with a decision. My first choice was let's go ahead and move them to toddler beds.  So I guess my quiz up there is misleading, because I did buy two toddler beds.  (From with a gift card I won in a blog giveaway by the way.)  Well they came, we set them up, and faced disaster.  I wasn't sure if I should switch both boys at once, but decided to try for one at a time.  Carter wouldn't even climb on the toddler bed, so we let Brady.  Two nights.  Both nights resulted in a little boy working his way down to our room in the night.

Third night:  Brady cries--he doesn't want to go in the bed.  Carter cries--he is such an empathetic boy.  I set up the port-a-crib and ask Brady if he wants to sleep in it.  He nods his head, is put in, and settles down immediately.

So what now?  I decide to find an inexpensive crib.  Hopefully they will stay in cribs for another year--it sure is easier for me if they do.  And up there is the very crib I bought--$100 off using site to store.

I didn't want to spend the money, but now I'm glad.  I like any excuse to keep the babies my babies.

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T Fowler said...

Lucky Mom! I wish my babies would stay in their cribs that long. It makes it so much easier.