Monday, April 11, 2011

A Twin Tip and a question

I love my double stroller.

Seriously, it has been perhaps my greatest baby twin purchase.  I use it every day.  And I have about a million pictures of the babies in it, because they are in it all the time.  See:

Aww, look how little they look almost a year ago up there.

It is the Combi Twin Sport.  When the boys were first born, we went with the Kolcraft Contours.
The seats are removable, and can carry two infant carriers.  I liked this stroller and we used it for about 10-11 months.  But then, we were going on an airplane, and I was quite concerned about the size--how would we get it through the airport?  Not to mention into a rental car trunk?  That's when we bought the Combi.  I have used the Kolcraft twice since we got the side-by-side, both times to the zoo because I wanted the extra storage space.

So why do I love my stroller?  Here are the reasons:

1.  Side by side.  I know some people do not like the side by side, but I love it.  I like that they are next to each other instead of one in back kicking his brother.  People always ask if it is too wide.  I don't think so.  It is barely wider than the Kolcraft.  It fits through all doors (so long as the place follows disability guidelines).  Granted, I have found a few stores that are hard to move around in (like a pole in the middle of the lego row at Toys R Us and forget about going into Pier 1, but I think most places that stop the side by side, would stop any stroller.)

2.  Going along with the side by side, I like that it becomes a "bench."  For example, I take my stroller into church every Sunday.  I sit by myself, and there is no way I can corral both kids.  So I take in the stroller, and they face forward just like the rest of us.  And then I give them lots of cheerios, using the built in cups, to keep them quiet.  I am also able to put them in front of me and feed them if needed, when we are out.

3.  It folds up small.  It is easy to fold, and takes up very little room in the back of the car.  It fit through security and an airport easily.

4.  It's easy to push.  I don't know how other twin moms do it, but quite often I find myself doing the push and pull.  I can steer with one hand, so I push the stroller and pull a cart behind me.

The only thing I would change is to add more storage underneath.

But here's my question.  Does anyone know how to keep a child in the stroller?  Today, Brady learned to wiggle out of the straps and get out of the stroller.  It didn't matter how tight I made the straps, he was getting out.  This is a huge problem.  Like I said, I use this stroller everyday.  As I watched him climb out, I started to stress out.  How will I go shopping?  How will I manage church?  Can I take them to watch karate class?  Any suggestions?


Alisha said...

Duct tape? ;) Just kidding!

Angela said...

Yikes, I don't know. I can't imagine my boys getting out of their straps. Ty did it once in the bike trailer in Rexburg...I turned around while riding down a hill and he was standing up facing backwards....oh my word! Really, putting him super tight he can get out? I'd call Combi and see if they have any ideas.

Camilla said...

Those boys are just too dang smart for their own good. Sounds like your year out in the foyer of church has begun.