Sunday, November 20, 2011

34 weeks

It's been quite a while since I posted an update, but life has been crazy.  Between moving in, unpacking, getting internet, and the newest thing: losing my cord to download pictures, I just haven't blogged.  And I really cannot find my cord, so even though I took some semi-decent belly shots, you don't get to see them.  I tried taking some at about 30-31 weeks, but deleted them all after I couldn't hide my double chin.  I also have some from last week, but they are still on the camera.  Anyway, here I am at 34 weeks.

Size of baby: Almost 18 inches and over 4 1/2 pounds, according to Baby Center.

Total Weight Gain: 30 pounds.  So I find it funny that every time I tell someone my due date, they respond with, "Really?  You don't look nearly that far along."  Either everyone is just really nice, or I have distributed the weight evenly.  I feel huge.

Maternity Clothes: Not tired of them yet.

Gender: Boy. Still no name.

Movement: Still the best part of being pregnant.

Sleep: Not horrible.  My sleep has been interrupted more by the twins than pregnancy since we moved in.

What I miss: Being able to bend over.  It will be nice to tie my shoes again without grunting.

Cravings: I've been through a hungry phase again--sweets and those same old cheeseburgers.

Symptoms: The joys of third trimester.  Braxton-Hicks, aches, hemroids, and waddling.  But I still think it is better to have him in than out.  I'll put up with the symptoms for awhile, because I'm not ready for a newborn just yet.  I think I'll know I'm ready when it sounds better to have him out than in.

Best moment this week:  Spending an awesome date night with my husband.  12 years and counting.


Michelle said...

Yay for 34 weeks!! I'm glad all is well with you guys. I still like the name Will. I wish you were still living here! Miss you and love you guys!!

anaxa said...

How sweet family!