Thursday, December 8, 2011

36 weeks

Last Sunday, when I officially hit 36 weeks, I had my dad snap a belly pic in front of my parents' tree.  Or as I should say, a belly and double chin pic.

Size of baby: Over 18 inches and almost 6 pounds, according to Baby Center.

Total Weight Gain: 35 pounds.  Dan has lost some weight recently, and as of today we are within 5 pounds of each other.

Maternity Clothes: I have had to retire a few shirts, too small.  But I also just put a cardigan on over everything and feel like I have more outfits.

Gender: Boy. Still no name.  I think we are going have to meet him first.

Movement: He's never been too active, so my paranoid self counts kicks probably twice a day.

Sleep: Not bad.  Still dealing with the twins more than the baby.

What I miss: Walking at a normal pace.  I am so slow!

Cravings: I am certainly enjoying all our Christmas sweets and treats.

Symptoms: Anyone who has been pregnant knows the feeling in the last few weeks of pregnancy.  Let's just say I feel it all.  And I have reached the point where I would rather have him out than in.

I still cannot believe that I am having a baby in the next 2+ weeks.  (My c-section is scheduled for the 27th.)  I remember when I was pregnant with Tyler, I spent 9 months waiting impatiently to meet him.  It has been so different this time.  The pregnancy itself was a shock, then months of worry over the hematoma, moving TWICE thank you, taking care of my family including two year old twins, and just recently getting settled, hosting Thanksgiving, and prepping for Christmas, when have I had time to anticipate this baby's arrival?  The thought of holding this little one in my arms kind of blows me away, but it is really happening, and before I know it. 

I think I'm ready. 


Angela said...

double chin or not you're doing great. Good luck these next 19 days (I'm sure you're not counting right?)

Shelly Cunningham said...

This is me, bowing down to you... I am currently living with my in-laws, and my twins are three & a half! I have no earthly idea how you lived with your parents and your two little guys who (I'm sure) are still pretty much into everything. To not have your own space is so difficult, and you did it for so long!
Plus the pregnancy & two moves- you are amazing.
I hope this next little one sleeps five hour stretches from the beginning, nurses like a pro & changes his own diapers! ;)
Can't wait to see pictures & hear what beautiful name you come up with for him.

Stephani said...

So exciting!

Michelle said...

I can't wait to see pictures of my new nephew...:) I'm so excited for you. It's gonna be here before you know it.