Sunday, December 18, 2011

Random photos

Blogging has been hard lately.  Between technical difficulties (missing cords, internet going out, computer charger breaking), and keeping up with kids, school, household chores, and Christmas prep, I just haven't had much time or motivation.  But I do want to get a few things down before Christmas and baby come.  So, here are a few pictures from the last month or so. 

We have discovered that Brady and Carter LOVE Cafe Rio.  Their first choice is to sit on an adult's lap and eat their meal, but they also like splitting their own adult size meal too.

Just since we moved in, the twins will finally watch some television.  Their absolute favorite is Buzz Lightyear, followed by Mickey Mouse and Little Einsteins.  My favorite thing about this is that I can actually sneak away and shower in the morning.  And I love Brady's hat and hands on hips here.

For a little while, the twins thought they didn't need naps. However, I think this was mostly due to the adjustment in moving.  We are back to pretty regular napping.  Carter most definitely needs a nap everyday, as evidenced by this picture.  He is actually asleep on the stairs.

My boys love grandma and grandpa.  Here Carter is playing with "bampa" as they call him.

My three couch potatoes.

I love this picture.  Brady is sharing his root beer with Carter.  While it doesn't always happen, I sure love to see them helping each other.  And then followed by a "dank do Baady" or "dank do Cata."

And this is the view outside my back window.  One morning we saw this beautiful sunrise while we were eating breakfast, and I snapped this through the window, hence the glare.  But I wasn't about to step outside in the cold!

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