Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tyler's birthday

I have always felt bad that Tyler has his birthday so close to Christmas, but I honestly think he kind of likes it when it is.  We usually try so hard to make it special, but this year was so odd.  I was still in the hospital, and I meant to hold back one gift for his birthday, but I never told Dan and he wrapped them all for Christmas.  We had been planning all along to let him choose his own bike for his birthday, but we didn't have anything for him to open when he woke up.  Luckily, my mom came and got him and took him out for a special birthday lunch, he did get his bike, Dad made his favorite dinner, and he had cousins over for cake and ice cream.

We also did a friend party earlier in the month.  I have discovered that we have to do it early in December, or wait until January or everyone is just too busy.  This year, he invited 5 friends from school and 3 cousins to attend an evening at Hogwarts.  We sent out letters telling each invitee that they had been invited to Hogwarts, and would be dining in the great hall, as well as attend several classes.  We had pizza, then made wands in Transfiguration, played charades in Charms, played a game of Quidditch, and attacked the dragon (pinata) in Defense Against the Dark Arts.  We then did cake and ice cream, presents, and watched the first movie.  It was a fun birthday party.

Happy 8th Birthday Buddy!