Saturday, December 31, 2011


First up, here is how I got to spend Christmas this year.  Imagine a hospital room, trips down to the NICU, and my family stopping by with my gifts.

However, the most important thing to me was to make sure my kids had a normal feeling Christmas, and Tyler claimed it to be one of the best ever, so I guess we did okay.  I am so grateful for Dan and my in-laws who took over the Christmas prep after our unexpected early arrival.  Here are some pictures Dan took.

We are obviously a house of boys.  Tyler got Legos (Harry Potter this year--Hogwart's castle and the Knight Bus), Harry Potter DS game, Harry Potter book (see a theme?), an origami book, and his stocking.  The twins got a play tent, Duplo blocks, and these stuffed Buzz Lightyears were a huge hit.  Dan bought himself a breadmaker (he claims it was for me, but I sure didn't ask for it) and I bought myself a new point and shoot camera.  Which I opened up and took to the hospital.

It was most definitely a crazy Christmas, but still a wonderful time.

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